January was Flash-month at DC Comics. And like all good flashers, Robert Venditti and Brett Booth are dying to run along with this analogy until the cows come home. So come on. Join in. And watch the milk-tastic world of dairy farming go to cheese one moo at a time.

To QUOTE John C. Maxwell: 'There are two kinds of pride, both good and bad. 'Good pride' represents our dignity and self-respect. 'Bad pride' is the deadly sin of superiority that reeks of conceit and arrogance'.

Now as some of you are more than aware of, presently there are two versions of the Flash running around this very pleasant comic book. Firstly, there is the fairly evil future version of this character who wants to clean up the streets of Central City any which way he can. Plus secondly, there is the present day version that's been thrust into the time stream, and is trying his best to get his powers back with some help from Doctor Selkirk and his crew.

So, what I want to know now is which version would you prefer being? Would you prefer being the powerless Flash with a heart of gold and the patience of a saint? Or would you feel more comfortable being the evil b*stard Flash who is good at investigations and ripping peoples arms off.

I'm sure Iris West would be able to answer this question on your behalf. Plus Mirror Master and his decapitated partner in crime. Hint-Hint!

Now you know when you watch a movie, and there comes a time where something dramatic happens in it that makes you go, 'Oh! What the heck is going to happen now?', (Or words to that effect), well, that is what happened to be whilst reading this issue.

Of course I'm unable to divulge the details to this particular something for fear of spoiling the surprise. Yet what I can say is that both Brian and Robert have amped up the stakes big time in this instalment, by presenting to us a two stranded tale that has a very suspenseful nature.

'Suspenseful?' you may exclaim. 'Why yes!' says I. Because in no uncertain terms there are four questions thrown up into the air by it that I can't wait to hear answered. I mean, do you think theirs more to Doctor Selkirk's story than what he's letting on? Are the Singer Twins a throwback to the Tornado Twins? What will Iris do now that Barry has shown her his true colours? When will Barry get his powers back and kick future ass? Plus how come Brian and Robert aren't getting more praise for all of the wonderful work they've done on this book?

Please keep it up guys. This title is fast becoming my monthly must read series (Pun intended).

The only thing about this comic book I wasn't too keen on was how Iris West was depicted in it. Well, let's face it, dear reader. If you've read the Flash for as long as I have -- two weeks, allegedly -- I'm sure you yourself wouldn't see Iris as some sort of frigid headline chasing journalist.

Also, how come Mirror Master chose to ally himself with someone who's a bit of a git? I mean, didn't he think about interviewing him beforehand? Ha!  

While I was reading that section relating to Doctor Selkirk's own time displaced origins, a song suddenly popped into my mind that I felt kind of complemented this tale to a tea. So come on. Let us all put our hands together and do the Time Warp...

Continuing on from my musical comparison, how about I now compare this comic to the John Woo film, 'Face Off', except in this case, the presented dichotomy is far more super-heroic in temperament.  

At the very end of this issue naughty-Flash does something very nasty to another character who pisses him off. So just for fun -- no comment -- can you guess what he does out of the following eight scenarios?

  1. He takes a big knife and stabs a flower with it.
  2. He explains to Wally West that there is no Santa Clause, and that once upon a time he was white.
  3. He gives Iris a harsh wedgie because she took a picture of his blue streak.
  4. He recites the Greek national anthem in German just to annoy the EU.
  5. He rips off the arm of a known villain in front of a non-pulitzer prize winning journalist.
  6. He slaps Patty in the mouth for not doing the Time Warp.
  7. He does nothing for approximately twenty three minutes, before doing something appropriately silly to someone or something.
  8. Wank.
Nuff said.

FLASH #38 FLASH #38 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 25, 2015 Rating: 5
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