January was Flash-month at DC Comics. And like all good flashers, Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok, and Jim Lee, have all taken it upon themselves to celebrate this event by whipping out their giblets and mucking in. So go on. Join in. And show the World of Warcraft you can talk bollocks too.

To QUOTE Wendell Mayes: 'Indecision is a virus that can run through an army and destroy its will to win or even to survive'.

According to Lex Luthor, everything that's wrong with this world is all down to one man and one man alone. No. Don't be silly. Lex would never dare say such a thing about himself. Obviously he's referring to the very eighties styled gun for hire called, Neutron.

And do you want to know why Lex would have the audacity to make such an accusation? Well, simply put, it's because he was the merc who caused the Amazo virus to break free. The Amazo virus then affected most of the Justice League, now including Batman. And to top it all off, Lex and the remaining members of the team have to save the day by using the blood cells of 'Patient Zero' before.....


All hell breaks loose! To be continued...

On the whole I'd say this installment of 'The Amazo Virus' was a pretty decent story-line, even though it was garnished in a fairly bog standard manner like most penultimate chapters. For instance, you had the gradual follow on from last issues cliff-hanger (Shock Horror! Batman's been exposed). You then had the tried and tested cliff-hanger that'll roll on into the next (More on that point later). And of course, you also had the fairly sparse team dynamics which I have to say were a pretty mixed bag (meaning, I wanted more).  

Now please don't get me wrong. As I said previously, by in large this issue was a pretty decent issue overall. Once again Jason Fabok's grand visuals are its main saving grace, especially with the way he drew an amped up Batman and an angry Superman. Plus I must admit, I did like that revelation where Lex told Superman he tried out the Amazo virus on him four years earlier. Boy! What a sneaky sod he is.

However, whilst saying all that, pretty decent is what pretty decent does. And what comes with the smooth...  

... also comes with the rough.

Well, I've noticed over the last couple of months that this series has ended on a number of cliff-hangers that never really followed through. Last month we saw Batman being contaminated with the Amazo virus. The month before that we saw 'Patient Zero' bracing himself for a jolly good smack in the mouth. And this month we have a very obvious cliff-hanger that makes me want to have a refund of next issue before I even bought it.

I mean, let's face it folks. How do you think next issue will pan out? One big long fight, perhaps? Or what about a series of fights that will most probably be forgotten in a couple of months time?

Essentially this adventure was about saving the life of someone you cared for. So how about I now musically match it up with The Fray song, 'How To Save A Life', for fairly obvious reasons.

Wow! Don't they mumble well!

Do you see the picture provided, folks? Yes. That's the one. That picture of Gregory House from the TV show of the same name. Gregory. Well, can you guess why I'm going to compare this comic book to that show? No! No you can't? Tut-tut-tut! Then let me give you a clue. My comparison has something to do with belligerent doctors and a team that doesn't like the look of him.

Try to imagine that you've come down with the Amazo virus, and you're lucky enough to have the option to pick what superpower you'd receive. You got that? Good. So pick away from the following eight options. Because would you care for...

  1. The ability to understand what Kim Kardashian actually does.
  2. The ability to sleep with supermodel's without any of them noticing.
  3. The ability to fly at great speed without paying any airport taxes.
  4. The ability to make politicians tell the truth.
  5. The ability to speak in a convincing Dutch accent.
  6. The ability to head-butt a midget without having to compromise your body posture.
  7. The ability to save the world naked.
  8. The ability to get a refund on next month's comic before you bought it.

Nuff said. 

JUSTICE LEAGUE #38 JUSTICE LEAGUE #38 Reviewed by David Andrews on February 17, 2015 Rating: 5
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