Tracey Birdsall Sexy Tracey Birdsall will play the lead in the indie comedy 'Who’s Jenna Jameson?'. Lensing in New York, the Award winning actress plays a woman who is mistaken for the famous porn star. The film sounds like it’ll be quite a departure for Birdsall, who in recent years has become known for her roles in science-fiction and horror movies. In addition to her newly-announced project, we speak to the Malibu native about her upcoming genre films, including time-travel film, 'At the Edge of Time'.

1) Pictures of you recently surfaced online in some sort of awesome super-space get-up. What are those stills from?   Yes, the pictures from At the Edge of Time (which just wrapped production) are a bit rampant on the web right now! We released them and they just multiplied like wildfire! One day they were recently released, the next day they were everywhere!

Tracey Birdsall Classy2) You’ve worked with director Neil Johnson, who does a lot of science-fiction projects, a couple of times now. How far does your working relationship go back?   We’ve been in contact for several years, but only last year met up and decided to begin collaborating. We think similarly and appreciate each other’s talents -- no pun intended -- so it’s a natural working relationship.

3) Is it beneficial getting to work with the same people on projects? I take it it takes the pressure off a lot?   It’s actually fantastic to work with the same people, and you’ll see that over and over in my history… David Worth (Director: I Might Even Love You, The Prophets Game), Kevin Coleman (Tick Tock, Dawn of the Crescent Moon), Barry Corbin (actor: Dawn of the Crescent Moon, At the Edge of Time), Steve Swersky (editor), I Might Even Love You, The Prophets Game, Tick Tock.

4) It's easy to see that you’re in great shape. When you’re working on a movie are you forced to tweak you diet and training regime?   Overall, training is a lot of hard work (and thank you!), and everything in life needs tweaking for work and shoots. Sometimes you have to gain more strength so you up the calories and protein after your workouts to make you in really fantastic shape visually. Sometimes, it’s more about looking lean and strong so you actually cut the fats and lower the weights (while raising the output and the reps). It’s like a formula… you decide how you want to look for the shoot (and what the director wants) and make adjustments, which can be fun as long as they’re minor and measurable! Either way, we make those changes and look forward to them. We do what we have to do.

Tracey Birdsall Lovely5) Do these upcoming films of yours require fight scenes? Are you at all equipped in the ways of martial arts, or is fighting something you have to prep and research for in advance of the shoot?   I grew up fighting with my dad in the garage. He was a wrestler and a boxer in the military at a young age, so he challenged me at every chance he got! We would race in the street at night before dinner, sometimes spar on the weekends, he would teach me kicks and tackles and so much more… so I really grew up with an advantage of a combination of street fighting, self defence, boxing, wrestling, etc. That said, everything requires preparation, but I have a really nice basis of balance, understanding, strength and mental preparedness. 

6) I know you’ve done a lot of soaps; how does doing a movie differ doing series TV?   I started soaps in my early 20’s, so it’s not really a recent memory except for my stint on The Young and the Restless. I love soap as it’s fun and easy as long as you know your lines and are smooth and consistent in your delivery. 

That said, I adore film. I really prefer delving deep into a character and exploring it. Who is she? Where is she going? What does she want? How is she going to get there? Where was she before? How does she feel? What is she afraid of? What turns her on? Where is her Achilles heel and how do I therefore protect it? Who is her father and how does she feel about him?

Tracey Birdsall Naked
7) What’s the best and worst experience you’ve ever had on film?   I would have to say that the best experiences were working with great actors that would forever influence me… their words and their influence persevere. Dennis Hopper, Leigh McCloskey, Ricardo Montalban, and most recently Barry Corbin… (amongst many others) have influenced me and inspired me over the years. The worst experiences usually have to do with indie filmmakers who happen to come across a larger budget and yet don’t plan for the most minute of ordeals (continuity, location changes, divas, etc.) which make it close to impossible to ignore. Most of my experiences, that said, have been extremely positive and rewarding. I wouldn’t trade any of them, as they are all a part of my fabric of being an actor.

Want to know more about our Tracey? Then why don't you check out her official website and twitter pages? Or alternatively, you can always go the Wikipedia ot IMDB route.

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