SupergirlOver the last couple of year's superhero themed television shows have become more and more common place. I mean, all you have to do is turn on the old goggle box and you can clearly see some muscle-bound schmuck prancing about for truth, justice, and yadda-yadda-yadda. Plus, lets not forget, the Fox Network has Gotham, NBC has Constantine, the CW has Flash as well as Arrow, and now Netflix has Daredevil. Whatever next, eh? That's what I'd like to know. What's in store for the next superhero themed franchise?

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Apart from superhero themed television shows, do you know what else is very hot at the moment? And I do mean very-very hot. Why yes. That is correct, my friend. Supernatural beings and people who can rap. So what better way for a television network to cash in on this creative comic book craze, than by developing a show involving the ultimate supernatural themed comic book rapper! Or to be more precise, Etrigan the Demon, soon to be showcased in an episode of 'Constantine', Hint-Hint!


Something else that's also very hot are powerful blonde teenage girl's with massive 'frontal features'. Yes. I can see it now. I can see it now as bright as day. A very nice blonde female (most probably played by Melissa Benoist), standing motionless somewhere in a middle of a high school, asking CBS for a higher pay check and a decent script. 'But can they deliver such a thing', you may exclaim. Well, let's hope they can. Or else the up and coming Supergirl TV series will be as flat as a slow walking badger trundling along a very busy highway.


Quite recently Marvel has developed two superhero related movies which has showcased one notable cocoon. Yes. That's correct. I did say one cocoon. And I did say two movies too. With those two movies being 'Guardians of the Galaxy' plus 'Thor: The Dark World'. And with the notable cocoon housing the one and only, Adam Warlock. 'Coincidence', you might think. But to me, no, no coincidence at all! Rather, it's a probable television tie-in coming to a small screen near you.

The Teen TitansTEEN TITANS

No. This one wasn't added by mistake, dear reader. According to certain sources over at Screenrant, a Teen Titans television series is being developed by TNT, and a pilot episode is currently in the works. So with any luck, Oscar winner Akiva Goldsman will develop an amazing script for this brand new series that'll rival his work over on 'Fringe'. Plus, fingers crossed, Marc Haimes can co-produce it to Deathstroke and back, just like he did on 'The Legend of Zorro'. Even if Cyborg won't make an appearance! Damn them! Sob-Sob!


Hey! Don't laugh. Dazzler would be a sure fire hit for the small screen. Not only because she's one hell of a high kicking disco diva. But because in my eyes her prominent show could meld together 'Dancing with the Stars', 'Glee', plus of course, 'X Factor'. And I do mean a factor with a capitol X, baby!!