Buddy Hutchins Cover Demetrius Stear is an up and coming actor from Illinois, who was lucky enough to share the screen with the legendary comedian and actor, Jamie Kennedy, in Uncork’d Entertainment’s Buddy Hutchins. Want to know more? Then please check out what Demetrius told me in this exclusive interview...

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1) Buddy Hutchins. What makes him tick?   I would have to say the simple fact that he lost his business, his wife, and his mother sent Buddy over the edge. The guy’s life is in shambles and he doesn’t know who he can trust. When it rains it pours!

2) Is there a story behind how you got the role?   I had worked with Jared Cohn on 12/12/12 in 'Atlantic Rim' and we have developed a great relationship. So when Buddy got the greenlight he offered me the role of Ryan. 

Buddy Hutchins Screen Shot
3) What did you learn from working with Jamie Kennedy?   Due to the short shoot schedule, we shot multiple pages of the script per day. That requires everyone on set to be on their game because things are moving very rapidly. Even so, Jamie taught me the importance of timing and pacing and not to be afraid to throw a take away if need be. Sometimes that’s where the magic is.

4) You’ve done a lot of terrific movies, is there a genre you prefer over the other?   I prefer working on thrillers, action, or suspense because I enjoy watching those genres most. 

5) What’s a film you auditioned for that you really would’ve liked to have gotten?  For me it was the TV show 'Sleeper Cell' on Showtime. It was very early in my career. I had made it through three callbacks. At that time I thought that it was going to be a breakthrough role for me, but unfortunately it didn’t go the way I would have liked. That experience really helped me grow as an actor and learn what you have to go through to book the job.

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6) Most actors in Hollywood have to have a ‘normal’ job by day to supplement the acting. Do you?   I’m fortunate enough to do this full-time by working in film, commercials, music videos and print. 

7) Why should people see Buddy Hutchins?   Buddy Hutchins will give you the outlet you need to blow off some steam without committing a crime. If you have ever been double crossed or got the wrong end of the stick, this movie is for you!

Hmmm. Sounds good enough to me!