MovieMaze - The Plumber Do you remember those choose-your-own-adventure books that were popular back in the ‘90s? Did you like those books? If you did, then MovieMaze might be something that interests you! When I was first told about this 'game', I admit, I was rather skeptical about it. It's true that growing up I did play point-and-click adventures like Myst and The Seventh Guest on the PC, but a cursory Google search to find more information about this experience turned up some rather mixed results. 

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Before I even attempted to load up the app and give it a try, I at least had reached the conclusion that this was less of a 'game' (e.g. you weren't walking around looking for items or solving puzzles) but more of an experience, which is why I made the comparison that I did at the start of this short review.

MovieMaze - The Plumber
The first MovieMaze experience, called The Mechanic, met with decent success. Having not played that one yet myself, I can only say that reviews seemed positive enough and people seemed to like some of the funnier moments of the game. I actually watched some of that one on YouTube, and have to say, that some of the choices you get were rather amusing and some of the bad things that can happen to the mechanic were also quite great. In a way, that seemed to be where the game itself shined: it was funny, and on some basic level fun, but once it was over that was it.

That's about what you should also expect from its sequel (of sorts), MovieMaze: The Plumber. It's a crazy, cheesy, and amusing wild-ride, but once it's over there isn't much of a reason to revisit it (at least for me). The acting was rather hammy and the story was certainly over the top (kind of a mixed-bag of horror and sci-fi in a rather funny, low-production sort of cheese), yet it was capable of keeping me entertained in bursts until I got through what it had to offer. A few choice actors are here, such as Brian Prisco from Bones and Darcy Donovan from Anchorman, and that adds a bit of fun to it for the sheer fact that it means that they don't take themselves too seriously!

I'd prefer not to get into the meat of the story since I truly believe that's about all this one has to offer (such as it is), but it is a free app you can get for iOS and Android-powered devices, so it might be worth looking into for yourself. A word of caution, though: Don't go into it expecting much. Just enjoy what the experience has to offer.

FINAL SCORE: C+ has the Waliking Dead

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