Zombie Art You never know when the earth's population will be infected with a disease that will turn every living thing on the planet into flesh eating zombies… which is why it's a good idea to be prepared. If you think that it probably will never happen then think again. According to Huffington Post, “the government has a step-by-step plan which describes how to survive a zombie apocalypse”, which of course leads to one question… why? Taking inspiration from AMC's epic series, 'The Walking Dead', which has just returned to our screens, it's time to sharpen your pitchforks and begin storing up items to complete your apocalypse shelter.

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1) The Actual Shelter

Firstly, you can't store essential doomsday items without some sort of self-storage unit. You could use a shed or an underground bunker if you happen to have one handy, but the best option would be to store everything in one place. So look around for large storage units form companies such as Alligator Storage and pick one that can house the following essentials:

Keep Calm And Kill Zombies
2) Escape Vehicle

You will definitely need an escape car with plenty of extra fuel to last you through those long zombie chases and to getaway fast after stealing your neighbour's food supply.

3) Weapons

You're going to need to stack up on your lethal weapons supply. Here in the UK we don't have a bountiful supply of fire arms to pick up but swords, hammers, and screwdrivers are great for close range fighting, whereas crossbows can be found for targets further away. Basically stock up on whatever has a pointy edge, is light enough to carry with ease, and is sharp enough to chop a zombie’s head.

4) Food and Water

A constant supply of food and bottled water is an absolute necessity if you want to survive. Canned meats, rice and honey are all good and long-lasting options. According to Ready Nutrition, “in a tomb in Egypt 3,000 years ago, honey was found and was still edible”, so if your sugar gets low on the run, you can top up easily without worrying about sell by dates.

5) Binoculars and Night Vision Goggles

You will need both of these items in order to stay one step ahead of any approaching dead. Binoculars will allow you to see far in the distance whilst sneaking around at night will be a lot easier when you can actually see where you are going.

Zombie Camping
6) Camping Equipment

If, for some reason, you can no longer stay in your shelter then you will need camping equipment, such as a roll up tent and sleeping bags. If you still have that escape vehicle then use it instead of the tent, but always have an extra sleeping option handy, in case of an emergency.

7) Pharmaceutical items

Keep a first aid kit, bandages, inhalers, painkillers and medicines in your apocalypse storage shelter. It goes without saying but cuts and scrapes will become an everyday occurrence, although if you get bitten those bandages aren't going to help much to battle the oncoming infection and transformation into a walking corpse.

8) Wind-up Radio and Torch

Batteries run out pretty fast, which is why it may be worth stocking up on some wind-up items such as a radio and torch. Therefore, you can always have access to both and you can quickly wind it up and go instead of cursing the Duracell bunny in a moment of crisis.

Evil Dead 2 Poster
9) Survival Gear

Don't forget to pack obvious pieces of a survival kit such as a helmet, matches, blankets, rope, flint and tape. Having these things handy will come in handy whilst on the run from the zombie hoard.

10) Essential, ‘can't-live-without’ items

In the midst of the apocalypse you can bet that items such as toilet rolls and chocolate bars will be scarce. Be prepared and stock up on these as soon as possible. They will be more precious than gold during the last days and probably end up being used as a new form of currency.

This article was brought to you by Brighton’s very own, Louise Wood, who's an experienced journalist and blogger with a thirst for knowledge and a passion for writing. Bless her.

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