Planet Fulcrum Please say hello to Planet Fulcrum, a brand new type of turn-based strategy game for desktop and tablet systems, and the debut game from indie developer, Paul Dellow. Following it’s Kickstarter campaign launch, Paul is inviting players to get online, research the campaign, and pledge some funds to help turn a dream into reality.

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Planet Fulcrum is an original game that allows players to create their own intergalactic alter ego, building their stats and cultivating their personality before taking them into turn-based PvP battle, all behind a specially designed gameplay system that allows strategy to dictate the ebb and flow of games and not just who has the biggest stats. Upon arrival on Planet Fulcrum, players will be asked to choose their alignment in preparation for battling to either protect or plunder the planet’s power.

Each of the three alignments – Guardian, Overlord and Nomad – have their own unique benefits and pitfalls, so the correct choice is essential. Players will also develop positive and negative in-game relationships in the form of allies and arch-enemies as they progress through battles and the overall game itself.

Control and dominance of Planet Fulcrum is achieved through a turn based PvP card battler, with each match taking place over a maximum of eight rounds and where the victor receives power from the loser. Each victory is tallied and the leading faction will control the planet.

Inspired by the team’s collective 1980’s childhood, paying homage to the comic books, video games, cartoons and toys of the era, Planet Fulcrum will allow players full customisation of their alter ego including the ability to write their character’s origin story, design their appearance, personality and abilities enabling them to totally create their ultimate hero! Full release in the winter of 2015, is largely dependant on the success of this Kickstarter campaign in order to help fund the game to completion.

Those pledging £10 or more are able to play the open alpha demo of Planet Fulcrum online, representing the gameplay and introducing snippets of the storyline whilst using existing characters, testing it and feeding back useful information to the development team. It also features a live leaderboard and the ability to accrue XP, which can then be carried across into the full release. has the Waliking Dead

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