Richard Riehle Much beloved star of stage and screen, Richard Riehle, known for his performances in Mike Judge’s cult classic, 'Office Space', and Oscar winner, 'Glory', has signed on to star in director David Mun’s indie comedy-adventure, 'Finding Waldo'. And joining him, is none other than Matthew Jacobs, the writer and co-producer of the 1996 Doctor Who telemovie (starring Paul McGann).

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But we need your help if we’re going to see these much beloved actors on the big screen! The producers have set up an IndieGoGo campaign to find part of the film's financing. You can support Jacobs and the film by clicking here.

Bo KeisterThe film is written and produced by Blu de Golyer (House of Good and Evil) and executive produced by Robert Krueger, Dennis Willis, and Steven Kirk, the team behind the music series, 'Welcome To Soundwaves'.

'And what is this film about?' you may ask. Well, just picture the scene. Chance Reed (Bo Keister) had all the money and fame that came with being a pro quarterback, until one fateful night of drinking and driving turned tragic. He put a young woman in a wheelchair and himself in prison. Three years later, he's out on parole and finds himself working in the mail room of a Los Angeles insurance agency.

While it's not the best job, it's all that this ex con could manage and having this job is required by the terms of his probation. Little does he know, though, a life altering journey is about to beat down the door. When eccentric, best-selling British novelist, Waldo Greene (Matthew Jacobs), ends up in a mental hospital, Chance is summoned up to the penthouse of the chairman of the insurance company. This is not any insurance company.

Matthew JacobsHenderson and Motley specialize in celebrities and specialty policies; whether it's a singer's vocal cords, a dancer's knees, or in this particular case, Waldo Greene's mind. The chairman, Cyrus Motley (Richard Riehle), believes Waldo is faking the mental illness and attempting to defraud the system, so he employs Chance to go to the hospital and interview Waldo, who has been able to outsmart three previous insurance investigators.

Motley believes Waldo won't suspect Chance, after all he's merely a mail room monkey, but for good measure Chance's cover story is he's a writer for Arizona Pen Magazine. A reluctant Chance, has two choices, interview Waldo, to see if he's scamming the insurance company, or go back to jail. Sometimes the easiest of choices have the most complicated outcomes. The interview begins simple enough, until Waldo decides to break out of the ward and take Chance hostage at gunpoint. The getaway car? A pink convertible sports car. 

So begins the wild road trip from Los Angeles to Arizona. Along the way, two damaged souls find adventure, Hazelnut spread, angry Drag Queens, bikers, peyote, betrayal, a hangover flight on a crop duster and healing under the desert sun. At the end of this journey some truths are made apparent, and not everything is what it seems. Truth is a naked swimmer and somebody peed in the pool.

Support 'Finding Waldo' by clicking here

Want to know more about the cast? Here. Check this out...

    Rachel Faulkner Sexy
  • Matthew Jacobs was born in London, England, and is a writer and actor, best known for his work on 'The Emperor's New Groove' (2000), 'Doctor Who' (1996), and 'Paperhouse' (1988).
  • Bo Keister's father, Benny Keister, was a Delegate in the Virginia General Assembly, representing the 6th District, for a total of six years. His mother, on the other hand, Harriet, filed the lawsuit that led to changes in Virginia's employment laws regarding maternity leave.
  • Richard Riehle is German on his fathers side, and Irish on his mothers side. So he only gets drunk after eating sauerkraut.
  • In spite of being a model at college, Rachel Faulkner is a honor graduate from Old Dominion University with a Bachelor's in Science. 
  • Blu de Golyer is an established ghost-writer in the film industry as well as in the book world. In the past, he wrote a childrens book entitled, "The Adventures Of Captain Greenspud".
  • David Mun once appeared opposite Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson in the 2006 crime-drama, 'Gridiron Gang'.

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