Thor Cartoon Donald Soffritti is a cartoonist from Bologna, Italy, and quite some time ago he created a series of superhero related images. Yet, with our Donald being a somewhat unconventional artist, he decided to illustrate his heroic creations by depicting them as if they were a bunch of ageing octogenarians. Here. Check this out to see what I mean.

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Supergirl Cartoon

SUPERGIRL: Yeah! She Wishes.
Daredevil Cartoon

DAREDEVIL: The Man Without Dog-Biscuits.

Galactus Cartoon

GALACTUS: I Wonder How Much His Pension Is?

Superman Cartoon

SUPERMAN: The Man Of Pill.
Ironman Cartoon

IRONMAN: Golfing Granddad With A Clockwork Heart!

BATMAN & ROBIN: Quickly, Robin. To The Bat-Room!!
Hulk Cartoon

HULK:  Hulk, Slurp!
Aquaman Cartoon

AQUAMAN: The Ocean's My Colostomy Bag.
The Flash Cartoon

THE FLASH: The Fastest Diarrhea Alive.

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