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Evangeline Cover From director Karen Lam, EVANGELINE stars Kat de Lieva as the titular character with Richard Harmon (TV’s The 100) and David Lewis (Halloween Resurrection, Man of Steel). On May the 8th, 2015, Uncork’d Entertainment will release this spookfest on VOD, and then on the 9th of June, it will come out on DVD. Want to know more? Then read on, my friends. Read on. 

What's it all about?
Evangeline (Kat de Lieva) is heartbroken after her younger sister, Clara, dies of cancer. She leaves her sheltered life to start again in a new city, determined to build a new life. When she enrolls in college, Eva quickly finds a dynamic group of new friends – Shannon, Mark and Molly.

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She is finally loosening up with her new crowd when she attracts the attention of a rich college sociopath. Michael Konner (Richard Harmon) and his group of thrill-seeking friends lure Evangeline to a secluded cabin to be drugged and hunted through the woods. She must run for her life.

Evangeline is beaten and left for dead in the forest, where she is discovered by a group of homeless men and taken to their tent camp to recover. Billy, a young Aboriginal war veteran, nurses her back from death. Permanently altered by her attack: she is scarred and unable to speak. Billy is still battling his own demons, making him able to relate to her pain and help her heal.

But Evangeline’s misfortunes aren’t over. She is caught alone at the camp one afternoon by Dee, an aggressive drug addict. Dee attacks her and the resulting panic and struggle awakens a vengeful power lying dormant insider her since the attack by Konner. This ancient power latches on to victims and infects them with a potent supernatural strength and thirst for revenge. When Evangeline realizes there is a dark entity within her, she flees from the camp in terror.

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Her escape from the camp only runs her straight into Mr. K (David Lewis), an active killer that has been targeting female hitchhikers along an isolated stretch of highway. As she is victimized yet again, Evangeline allows the dark spirit from purgatory to take over her body. Possessed by this malevolent strength, Evangeline overpowers Mr. K and brutally doles out vengeance.

But when the door to the other side is opened, Evangeline finds herself trapped in a supernatural nightmare, where she must choose between redemption or being forever bonded to the spirit of revenge.

7 Facts from the set of EVANGELINE
  1. Killer character Mr. K (portrayed by David Lewis) made his first appearance in Karen Lam’s short film Doll Parts (2011).
  2. Evangeline was partially inspired by the real life killings in British Columbia on the “highway of tears” and Vancouver’s downtown eastside. Robert Pickton was convicted in 2007 of the Vancouver murders, and the highway 16 murders have never been solved.
  3. Evangeline was filmed entirely in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. The film debuted in its hometown at the 2014 Vancouver International Women in Film Festival, after openings in Sweden and Toronto.
  4. Karen credits her love of horror to her father, who took her to see Jaws when she was five.
  5. The creepy, atmospheric forest scenes of Evangeline were filmed over several nighttime shoots in North Vancouver, BC.
  6. Director Karen Lam and Director of Photography Michael Balfry met on the set of Beast of Dulle Griet (which was produced by Karen Lam). Michael shot Karen’s first short film, The Cabinet, in 2007. In preparation to film Evangeline, the pair collaborated on two new short films in 2013, The Meeting and Stalled. 
  7. Kat de Lieva preformed all her own stunts for Evangeline.

What the critics say:

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“Evangeline elicits a powerful emotional resonance. Superior to Last House on the Left and I Spit on your Grave” – Ravenous Monster 

“Unique and original. Will have you jumping out of your seat” – The Film Corner 

‘’Evangeline is currently raising the bar” – CinemaAxis

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