200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Film Presented The 7th MatrixRod T Faulkner, founder of the science fiction web site, The7thMatrix.com, is pleased to announce the release of his new ebook, '200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films'. Faulkner has been working to promote the films and web series of independent filmmakers specializing in speculative fiction since founding his web site in 2013.

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200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films is a compilation of 200 of the most extraordinary science fiction and genre shorts currently available for public viewing on the internet. These short films represent the works of a new vanguard of visionary independent filmmakers who have chosen to make their mark outside of the traditional studio system.

Faulkner has also opted to use a rather unconventional pricing model for 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films. Instead of a set cover price, purchasers only pay what they believe is a fair price for the ebook.

Rod T. Faulkner
“I wanted to ensure my ebook is accessible to as many sci-fi fans as possible, while also providing a means to support the work of The7thMatrix.com. Pay-what-you-want pricing enables me to accomplish both goals” -- Rod T. Faulkner

Rod T. Faulkner has been a lifelong fan of science fiction and genre entertainment ever since he first saw the diverse cast of the original Star Trek TV series in reruns in the 1970s. Now a webmaster, 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films is Faulkner’s love letter to both science fiction, and the maverick spirit of independent filmmakers.

For more information please check out The 7th Matrix Presents: 200 Best Online Sci-Fi Short Films. But before you do, please feel free to check out this sample sci-fi short film called Ms Earth created by Anna Akana. Many thanks.

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