Kim Kardashian is The Joker We know that the bad guy always loses. They start monologuing, then put the hero in a slow-moving contraption, leaving them to escape unwatched. It is always the hubris that is the villain’s downfall. But some villains' plans could actually work and they deserve a tip of the hat. Some of our favorite TV and movie villains might just have taken over the world if they lived in our hero-free society.

The Kardashians Are No Joker

In the 1966 episode of the "Batman" TV series called Pop Goes The Joker, Cesar Romero’s Joker becomes famous as an artist. He uses his fame, which is in no way associated with any amount of talent, to con rich art collectors into trading masterpieces for his poorly created finger paintings. Then he ransoms the great works back after people realize that he is a talentless fraud. The genius part about the scheme is that it is not illegal. The dopes gave up their money willingly. Not only can this plot work, it is working for the Kardashian family. With the same amount of makeup and painted on lips, the Kardashian clan has conned the general public into thinking that they have artistic ability where none exists. This has earned them a net worth of more than $100 million. The Joker would happily don a dress for a cut of that take.

Dr. Evil And His Cat
New Zealand’s Project Vulcan

In "Austin Powers," the apocalyptic Dr. Evil places a nuclear device onto a giant drill with the intention of flooding the world with red hot magma. Not only is it a plausible idea but New Zealand is stealing a variation on the theme. As a response to World War II, New Zealand began testing a tsunami machine. In 1999, they tested a small scale device and came to the conclusion that, not only would it work, it would be more devastating than previously predicted.

The Master’s Mind Control

The only other living time lord, The Master stands as Doctor Who’s arch nemesis. In the episode The Sound Of Drums, The Master uses Internet and cellular technology that is hooked into a network of satellites to subliminally make the masses of the world a little more suggestible. The Master’s plan is not even all that far-fetched. Video game manufacturer Game Guru is embedding subliminal messages in its game Honey Hero, though it is not a secret like in The Master’s scheme.

Super Obama - Obamaman
A Hydra-like Cabal

The Marvel universe was turned upside down when Captain America discovered that Hydra had infiltrated the highest reaches of government and was influencing our political decisions. Replace the word Hydra with Obama or the Koch brothers, depending whether your silver hat has an elephant or a donkey, and you can see how this scheme is inevitable. Mother Jones accuses everyone of being Koch suckers and Glenn Beck is convinced that Obama is part of a Muslim plan put into play a half of a century ago. The morale of this story is to beware because the villain may win this time.