Super Friends Ad Excuse me, fan-person. But do you mind me asking if you trust your superheroes? And I do mean really-really trust your superheroes! If so, then that explains why you're reading this. On occasion trust is the key that will unlock the door to the world of beyond. Or to put it in more marketing terms, the key to your pocket that's attached to your wallet. Want to know more? Then check out the following superhero ad's for the score, wink-wink!

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Batman Forever's Riddler OnStars TV Commercial

Riddle me this. Riddle me that. Why the hell would a TV company ask the services of a bat? Doesn't sound right, does it? Batman promoting OnStar, accompanied by the Riddler no less. Still. It could have been far worse I suppose. He could have exposed his Bat-nipples in the process. More's the pity.

Spiderman Japanese Commercial About... Errr... Something

Spiderman. Spiderman. Does whatever a spider can. Stick on walls. Play with balls. Or rush to China whenever Japan calls. Hey there. There goes the Spiderman. 請不要閱讀本節,它沒有任何意義。(Batteries Not Included).

Superman's Alter Ego Clark Kent Pimping Kelloggs

Faster than a speeding bullet! Can leap tall buildings in a single bound! Plus, let's not forget, back in the day Superman even had the audacity to encourage small children to eat a wheat based cereal covered in sugar and other such over-saturated chemical products. Yummy!

Hulk Hungry For Burger King

Hulk mad! Hulk very mad because he star in silly Burger King commercial! In fact, Hulk so God damn booming mad, he will next star in Broadway play written by England finest playwright, Noel Coward.  Hulk ready for his close-up now, Mister Demille.

Super Friends Cereal TV Spot

Everyone put up their hands who love's watching Super Friends? Go on. Put them up. Wow! That many, eh? But then again, that would explain why so many of you have bad teeth! Especially since you all bought shed loads of sugar riddled cereals back in the day! Oh! Wait a minute. That reminds me...

Superman and Peanut Butter Vs Lex Luthor

Hey! What the hell is wrong with you, Superman? If it wasn't bad enough that it took you over seventy years to wear your underwear under your garments, you're now actually peddling peanut butter to pre-pubescent teenagers! Tut-tut-tut! No wonder Lex Luthor went bald. Must have been all the stress!

Hawkman Yammers On About Baby Ruth

Look. Up in the sky. Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it's a very funny advert not starring Superman. Yes. That's right. All those many years ago when Hawkman's origins made sense, old bird brain sold Baby Ruth's to brats. Wow! What a nice guy!

The Green Lantern Ride At Movie World Australia

If anyone ever comes up to you and says, 'Do you want to ride on a Green Lantern?', please don't punch them in the face. Not straight away, anyway. Wait until you've ridden the Green Lantern Ride at Australia Movie World first. Good fan-person.

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Now don't worry, folks, because this won't be the last you will see of these types of superhero related adverts. Stay tuned for some more mad-cap ad's comimg to an idiotic article near you. 

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