Bullets & AngelsBullets & Angels is an ongoing occult action-drama that follows the exploits of demon hunter, James “Ace” Hollister, and his partner, Alli Gomez. The pair are stationed in modern day Las Vegas, Nevada, by the Vatican to look into the sudden rise of demonic activity in the area. Several supernatural occurrences interrupt their mission, including the sudden disappearances of nine local women. In their hunt for the truth, the two find themselves face to face with hellhounds, a priest slayer, and of course, demons.

Bullets & AngelsThe series is broken up into volumes, each containing twelve 22-page monthly issues. Each volume will consist of a segment of the overall story, with a beginning, middle, and end. The volumes can stand alone, but also can be read as one over-arcing story with its own plot and subplots. This volume, subtitled Rosary, is the first in a planned five volume story, but the writers plan on growing the universe further under the same title.

“We could potentially grow the world after the main story…to tell stories from throughout the same universe,” creator Brian Lee Byrd said in an interview with Black Ship Books earlier this week.

The art for this story is a world wide collaboration. Hailing from Russia, the main artist, Saint Yak, depicts the stories demons as mutated angels, with broken wings and rotting skin. The colorist Matt James, from Australia, brings a unique style to the book, with brilliant detail in the dark tones of the story. HdE, freelance letterer from the UK, makes the pages pop even more with his dramatic placement of sound effects and word balloons. Together with Brian Lee Byrd’s storytelling, the team has taken a fresh new look at spiritual dramas, and it seems like the world is ready for it.

Some weeks back, Brian Lee Byrd started a Kickstarter campaign for his upcoming comic book, Bullets & Angels. Within 48 hours, the book was 65% funded. Two days later, and their forty-day goal was completely funded for the full $1500. The book has become an overnight sensation, and it hasn’t even been printed yet!

Brian Lee Byrd credits his wife and co-writer, Sarah Hollis, as his inspiration, and says it’s his kids, faith, and imagination that inspired this work. He hopes to pitch the story to Image Comics after the self-published first issue is printed.

Now for more information please check out the official Bullets & Angels facebook page for more details.