Old School Celebrity Adverts Nowadays it's fairly commonplace to see a celebrity selling us sh*t on TV. Be it Pink pimping a Pepsi, or Beyonce bouncing on a BMW, one way or another, a celeb is trying to crimp crap onto us in a very tele-visual manner. But did you know; that back in the day this wasn't always the case? Seeing a star selling us stuff actually ment something. Well, when I say something, what I mean to say is...

James Dean's Pepsi Ad

If you look very closely at the aforementioned 1950s advert, you'll see a fairly young James Dean making his first TV appearance, as a background player in a Pepsi commercial. Coincidentally, the next commercial he starred in was to promote road safety, and recorded it not so long before his death in a car crash.

Harpo Marx's Beer Commercial

Yes. That's correct. The quiet one from the Marx Brothers, everyone's favorite harp playing mute, Harpo Marx, actually took part in a series of beer commercials during the fifties and sixties. By this stage of his career, him and his brothers were approaching semi-retirement, and he thought to himself, '...............hhhu... hhhhuu....'. Honk-Honk!

Marilyn Monroe's Coke Commercial

It's a little-known fact that prior to becoming an inadvertent spokesperson for Christian Dior, Norma Jeane Mortenson had a thirst on for Coke. No. Not as in coke: the notorious nose candy for degenerates and politicians. Coke: as in the cola, glug-glug-glug, Burrrrp!

Farrah Fawcett's Nomex Commercial

How do you feel whenever you look at a great girl like Farrah? Sad, because she's tragically passed away? Happy, because she had a pretty happy life? Or what about, shave, because you want to freshen up, and try to catch a great lady like her?

John Travolta in Safeguard Bath Soap Commercial

Included in his many other talents, like acting, dancing, and looking real cool, John Travolta can also add miming to the list, whilst appearing in a commercial with a number of semi-naked boys. Wow! His talent knows no bounds.

Woody Allen's Japanese Commercial For Seibu

Did you know that one of the main reasons Woody grew fond of his current spouse, Soon-Yi Previn, was so he could get her to explain to him what this advert really means? Go on. Take a look into his eyes, and tell me that Seibu told him what he's getting paid for? You can't. Can you.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's Japanese Energy Drink Commercial

And while I'm on a subject of celebs selling stuff in Japan, Arnie: Big, muscular, square-jawed Arnie. What can I say about him and his stint for... errrr... whoever? Nothing much I suppose. Nothing, except that, in his defense, some of the stuff he sticks into his body could have impaired his judgment, eh? Much like, Terminator 3.

Leonardo DiCaprio's Commercial For Bubble Yum

Ahhh. Look at our little Leo trying his best to sell children sugar-coated bubble gum that'll turn them into savage and uncooperative animals. Bless him. What with his bum-faced hairstyle and cherub-like features, uhh, it makes me want to puke. Arrrgghhhuuuuuuu! Arrrrhhhhhuuuuu!

Pepsi Commercial Featuring A Kind Of Joe Pesci

Oi! You! F*ck head. What are you looking at? That commercial with Joe Pesci in it? Yeah. I said he's in it. Why? Want to make something of it? Well, if you do, pal. I'll tell you this for nothing, coff-coff, I'll scream and scream and scream and scream until you apologize accordingly.

Bob Uecker and Rodney Dangerfield In A Advert For Miller Lite

What is it with celebrities pimping drinks, eh? Do they go round all day, in a perpetual haze, dreaming about drinking something refreshing after a busy day on set? Maybe? Maybe not? Although according to Bob and Rob, one things for certain. They get no respect!

Superman and Seinfeld American Express Commercial

Damn! I should have picked this one for my last commercial round-up, involving superhero related TV adverts. But still, never mind. I got it now. Ready for you to gawp at like the nice comic book nerds you truly are. God bless.

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Now I know there are many more celebrity ads to choose from, so if you know of any, please feel free to drop me a line, and I'll feature them on here.

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