The universe is a vast and complicated organism, comprising of endings, beginnings, plus... uhhh? What was it called again? Hey! Jeff King! Ed Benes! Eduardo Pansica! What do you call that stuff DC Comics stuffed into a turkey, sometime in May, 2015? Isn't it called Paxos or something? Or is it, Telos?

To QUOTE Dave Barry: 'Bill Gates is a very rich man today, and do you want to know why? The answer is one word: versions'.

There is a planet pushing its way into our solar system, and, for all intense and purpose, is starting to attract an awful lot of attention. Attention from Superman and the Justice League. Attention from the Red Lanterns and many other space heroes. Plus attention from Darkseid and his motley crew over on Apocalypse.

But wait up! There's more. For you see, within this pushing planet is a convergence of worlds fighting to stay alive. And as per usual, it's up to the likes of heroes such as Superman, Flash, Dick Grayson, and many-many more, to fight back against the forces of Deimos and his army of evil men.

Yes. That's right. Both sides of the equation have formed their own alliances. On the side of good are all those heroes I've previously mentioned. Where as on the side of bad is Deimos and.... BANG!!!

To be continued...

If you're the type of comic book fan who gets a right kick out of seeing two alternate versions of the same character interacting with one another, then heavens to Betsy, you're sure going to love reading this part of Convergence. You see, in my eyes, the sole purpose of this tale is to set up a big fight scene that'll most probably happen next week. So all you're really going to get with this issue is a scenario where hero meets hero, whilst setting up things yet to come.

Now of course, I do mean this with all due respect: As there's nothing wrong with seeing two version's of the Flash bumping into each other. In fact, this type of light hearted occurrence was so great to read, it didn't matter that much that the actual narrative part of the equation felt so flat in context. Well, that's all except for that initial sequence which introduced the New 52 to the plot (About bloody time), plus that other sequence where Dick spoke to Telos (A-ha! I said this would happen).

But wait. Before I say something I shouldn't (no spoilers here, folks), another thing I'd like to say about this book would have to be the great artwork provided by Ed Benes and Eduardo Pansica. I mean, my God. What can I say about those two? Magnificent. Truly magnificent. With both of these two great artists being able to depict action, characterisation, and a steady flow of narrative in a similar vein to all those artist who've worked on this event before them.

The only real down side to this issue was there wasn't very much to it. Well, as I said previously, all you're going to get here is a set up and an introduction of sorts. An introduction where hero meets hero, villain meets villains, and heroes meet villains for a jolly good bout of fistycuffs next week.

Also, another thing I wasn't too sure of was the way that Deimos is slowly turning into Ming the Merciless from the Flash Gordon serial? Is it me, or can you see it as well?

Say you. Say me. Say it together. This week's issue of Convergence was like that Lionel Richie song, whatever-its-called, because essentially they're both about unity and an impending dream. I had a dream. I had an awesome dream. People in the park. Playing games in the dark. And what they played, was a masquerade. And from behind the walls of doubt, a voice was crying out... DO-DOOM! DO-DOOM!

Now I know from my own experience that before a boxer gets into a ring, just prior to a fight, beforehand he drinks an awful lot of water. And, as I said, a large chunk of this tale is both refreshing, and involves a set-up to an up and coming battle.

Ding-ding! Round one: And this week's comparison goes to drinking an awful lot of water.  

At the very end of this issue Ming, uh, I mean Deimos, says something to the villains standing by his side, pertaining to what they should do to those heroes who are standing opposite them. So, just for fun -- ouch! -- can you guess what he says out of the following eight options?

  1. Put up your hands if you don't like the look of my beard!
  2. Kill them all and this world is yours!
  3. How many times do I have to tell you? Hunnna-Humma-Hmmm.
  4. Settle down, girls. Its now time for a dance off!
  5. The first one who farts gets it in the face.
  6. Who wants to kill Dan Didio?
  7. Do you pay too much money for your car insurance? They don't. Kill!
  8. And then the mummy bear said to the daddy bear, 'who's been farting in my bed?'
Nuff said.

CONVERGENCE #6 CONVERGENCE #6 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 02, 2015 Rating: 5
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