The universe is a vast and complicated organism, comprising of endings, beginnings, as well as by turning left at the traffic lights, passing the bridge, and then just before Jeff King's house, and just after Aaron Lopresti's, you should see the office's of DC Comics, in May, 2015. Now get out of the way. I'm in a hurry.

To QUOTE Mae West: 'When I'm bad, I'm bad. But when I'm worse, I'm better'.

Every clock on earth has just stopped working. The temporal and anti-matter readings have suddenly spiked off the charts. Plus to make matters even worse, none of the superheroes in the known or unknown universe knows what the hell is going on!

Yeah. Go on. Ask any of them. Ask Superman, Batman, Red Lantern, Cyborg, or whoever. And I bet you anything, they won't be able to tell you what that planet pushing its way into our solar system is actually doing, plus if it has anything to do with that big stone-faced god who's popped up out of nowhere!

Also, something else they won't be able to tell you, is who will get killed within this pushing planet? I mean, could it be Telos? Could it be Deimos? Could it be any of their allies? Or better yet, could it be....


What the f*ck was that? To be continued...

Basically this seventh part of Convergence is the penultimate chapter of a much larger story-line. And so, with it being defined in those specific terms, you've got to realise that it can only do so much within the scheme of things. It can only prepare the characters for what is yet to come. It can only slightly re-define the plot. And it can only re-classify certain parts of the narrative both in scope and tone.

That being said, however, what it did manage to do was to intrigue us just enough to try and figure out how this story is going to end!

Well, does anyone know who that stone-faced God really is? From what Batman said, I guess he must have appeared in a Superman title. Plus, can you believe what Parallax done nearing the end of this tale? Was it too in character for him? Was it too out of character? And does it in any way shape or form, explain what shot out of Deimos' chest? Perhaps it is the remnants of Waverider? Or what about Waverider and the rest of the Time Masters?

Also, something else about this book I'd like to mention would have to be Aaron Lopresti's great artwork. Wow! Talk about perfect pencils for a not so perfect story-line! Personally speaking, what I loved about his stuff the most was how clean and crisp each of the characters looked, taking into account how many he drew with varying degrees of expression.  

Now without giving too much away (fingers crossed), there was a scene in this issue in which certain parties came to the realisation that a certain other party is as bad as they are. And in so doing, they then quickly turned tail and decided to help another certain party against the aforementioned badder certain party.

(Damn. That's a lot of parties. Even for me).

Anyway, my main problem with this scene is the fact that the first two parties are essentially bad guys, and for one of them to just say, 'Hey. You're as bad as we are! So I don't want to play with you anymore', feels kind of silly in execution. Redundant even. Almost as if someone in DC has said to Jeff King, 'Hurry up, will you? We need to end this series soon. So think of something to tie up the loose ends, quick-quick-quick' yadda-yadda-yadda.  

Sometimes in life you'll notice there are bad things and then there are very-very bad things. Yet, by doing so, you will also notice that the first bad thing isn't always as bad as the other bad things.  Or in other terms, who's bad? Michael Jackson? Or his good song about all thing's bad? Ohhhh! Sha-More!!!

Now without trying to repeat myself too much (Ha! Fat chance of that happening in this review), and I'd say a good comparison for this comic book would have to be someone like Darth Vader.

No. Not because he's a bad person (Ish). But because of that scene in 'Return of The Jedi', where he finally comes to the realisation that the Emperor is one evil son-of-a-Yoda, who hates kids, cuddly toys, plus everyone in the God damn universe. The jerk.
At the very end of this issue we (as well as Superman and the rest of the heroes) see something break-up in a very big way. So, just for fun -- quite possibly -- let's see if you can guess what that something is out of the following nine options.

  1. ...ing bad.
  2. My wallet.
  3. All of reality.
  4. My will to live.
  5. Hold up those roots and get ready for some heavy stuff
  6. A form of dance that involved body-popping.
  7. My pencil.
  8. A secret code used during the cold war.
  9. My, my, my, deliahhhhhh
Nuff said. 

CONVERGENCE #7 CONVERGENCE #7 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 03, 2015 Rating: 5
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