Double Cross Cocky young con-artists, Jenn (Kyla Frye - Edge of Tomorrow, The Key, West10 LDN) and George (Sam Benjamin - BBC's The Crimson Field, Sky One's Little Crackers) have been making all the right moves, breaking the law, and having fun doing it. But one night, after making suspiciously light work of a heavy score, they find themselves crossing the line into dangerous territory... in more ways than one...

Written, produced, and starring Kyla Frye and Sam Benjamin, directed by Sam Bradford, and shot on RED (cameras used for Hollywood movies like Skyfall, Avengers, and The Hobbit) with Praxima Film (who've just finished work on Will.I.Am's Lexus Commercial), DOUBLE CROSS is a five minute crime caper about two con artists who bite off more than they can chew.

The Story Behind the Movie
Actors, Kyla Frye and Sam Benjamin, first met five years ago during rehearsals for the Lyric Lounge event at London's prestigious Lyric Hammersmith theatre, and hit it off straight away on movies: talking about their love of stylish, sexy, action packed Hollywood films of the 90s like Out of Sight, Ocean's Eleven, or Mission: Impossible.

Over the next few years, they bumped into each other on a number of occasions at theatre shows and film events in London, where Kyla starred in Sam's own theatre show in development, The Boyband, which won the Writers Avenue First 20 Minutes Playwriting Competition. Then, after the success of that show, Kyla produced her own critically acclaimed documentary film, The Key.

Both of them have also landed roles on TV (like BBC's The Crimson Field), and films (like Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow and Residue), but Kyla and Sam now had the idea of making their own movie, with their own characters -- drawing upon their love of those slick, entertaining American movies, but bringing their own British identity and feel to it.

Double Cross
Being The Change We Want To See

Eventually, they put together a treatment for Double Cross and shared it with emerging visionary director, Sam Bradford, of Praxima UK, whom Sam had previously collaborated with on a commercial screened in IMAX cinemas entitled Know Love.

Bradford adored the concept of Double Cross, and agreed to jump on board to make the movie, that has now just been submitted to a number of International Film Festivals, is scheduled for a summer premiere in London (Venue TBA), and is set for a TV premiere at the end of 2015.