In June, 2015, DC Comics launched their brand new direction, aptly titled DC YOU. However, do you know what the YOU in DC YOU actually stands for? Does it mean, oi YOU, Geoff Johns, when are you going to call yourself Jeff? Or does it mean, wait a minute, Jason Fabok, didn't YOU once draw a picture of a naked dwarf? Want to know the answer? Then what are you waiting for? Read. Read. Read.

To QUOTE T2000: 'Are you John Connor?'.

On a conceptual level I feel that this first part of the 'Darkseid War' is a multi-stranded story-line that eventually converges into one. Initially, one part of it is centred on Mister Miracle, and shows how he breaks into Darkseid's inner most sanctum and confronts the man himself. Another part of the story shows Lex and Superman dealing with the aftermath of the Amazo Virus. And last but not least, the last part of it deals with the Justice League investigating why two members of Darkseid's minions are tracking down a lady called Myrina Black.  

A cool name, for a very cool part of the story that was very difficult to come to terms with.

You see, us readers have seen this sort of thing done in comics many times before. Bad Man wants to find 'the chosen one' to help him win a up and coming battle. Only to find out that the chosen one is someone else we've seen in the tale already, and connected to someone the Bad Man don't like.

Now I hope I haven't given too much away with that revelation (As I always like to keep things fairly spoiler free here, folks). It's just that the way in which this tale ultimately unfolded itself, I kind of second guessed what this revelation was before it was finally played out.

Also, something else about this story I wasn't too sure of, was why the aforementioned chosen one attacked the people who at one time defeated their chosen adversary? That doesn't make any sense to me at all. You'd think this person would want to join forces instead.

On a more positive note, however, I did love the look of Jason Fabok's cinematic artwork, particularly how it added a sense of dread and awe to those fight scenes where the League fought this month's bold adversary.

A big shout out also goes to Geoff Johns for coming up with this sort of multi-flexible story-line. Despite not being a big fan of his mumbled structure, those seemly superfluous sections where Supes and Lex had a spat, as well as the way Batman was mistreated, in the same breath, you have to hand it to him for keeping Mister Miracles origins intact, more or less (Where's Oberon?), plus I did like the way Wonder Woman fitted into this story both on a narrative and a personal level (I can't say too much as I might spoil the surprise).  

For this months musical match-up I feel that a Vibrations song is in order. But not just any Vibrations song. No sir re Bob. 'Finding Out The Hard Way' has to be the song in question. Mostly because that's what this story is all about.

Have you looked at the picture provided, and guessed why I'm comparing this issue to the Arnold Schwarzenegger classic, 'Terminator'? Yes? Good. Then I don't need to write anything here. Anything except Myrina Black is the DCU's version of a menopausal John Connor.
At the very end of this issue a number of bad things happen that I want you to now guess. So go on. Guess. Guess what happened if you can. Trust me. Some of them are quite alarming.

  1. Batman has a sex change and starts calling himself Bat-Not-Man.
  2. Lex gets shot in the back by his evil sister.
  3. Superman has an argument with a member of One Direction. You know. The one with the hair.
  4. Wonder Woman gets shocked by a surprise revelation. No bra. 
  5. The Flash goes to the toilet in his costume before drying it at super-speed.
  6. Both of the Green Lanterns sit down and smoke pot.
  7. The Anti-Monitor shows up ready for a ruckus (Not Greg).  
  8. Someone forgot to mention that this story takes place prior to some of the other issues taking place this month.
Nuff said.

JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 JUSTICE LEAGUE #41 Reviewed by David Andrews on June 22, 2015 Rating: 5
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