Bruce and John Wayne Since the early nineteen thirties, Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, situated within the Californian state of Los Angeles, has been a movie location utilized over one hundred and sixty times on screen. Now this ranges from a certain Dark Knights garage door, to a secret location used by a known outlaw. So, if you think you've seen it, you most probably have, because in my eyes, Bronson Canyon, and their famous man made caves, sure have staked their claim upon cinematic history. Here, when you can, movie fans, please take a look at some of the flicks which has snapped it up for us to see.

Batman (1966 to 1968)

Anyone who's watched the nineteen sixties version of the Batman television series, would definitely recognise Bronson Caves as being the mouth piece to a certain bat themed HQ. According to legend, one of the reasons the producers of the show wanted to use this specific location, is because it was once used in...

The Vampire Bat (1933)

Yeah. I kid you not, Bat-fans. Once upon a time Batman's back door was used as the inside of a 1933 vampire flick, and it starred the Professor Moriarty to Basil Rathbone's Sherlock Holmes, Lionel Atwill.

Invasion Of The Body Snatchers (1956)

Funnily enough, the previously mentioned location can also be seen during that sequence where the hero of Body Snatchers, we know who he is, briefly hides away from the towns people who are chasing him. Tunnels beware, because they come with a joke.

The Searchers (1956)

I say, I say, I say. What did John Wayne say to a Native American when he was trying to explain to him about the tide coming in, as well as the circumstances surrounding some bad medication: 'Now Sea Here Pill Grimm'. Yeah. I know. That joke was crap. But I tell you something. It could have been a lot worse. It could have been...

I Was A Teenage Werewolf (1957)

Now if you ever want to watch a very angelic looking teenage werewolf messing about in middle America, well, if I was you, I'd watch this 76 minute horror flick made in 1957. In it, you'll be able to see Bronson Canyon in all of its former glory, plus some performances that remind me of...

Falcon Crest (1981 to 1990)

Hey! Don't laugh. A teenage werewolf and people who wear shoulder pads have an awful lot in common. For instance, you'll never see either of them with bad hair or bad teeth. Which is something you definitely can't say about some of the British Knight's seen in...

Army Of Darkness (1992)

Originally, at the end of this horror-comedy, we all saw Ash, as played by the ever funky Bruce Campbell, lying in wait within a bowels of a cave, hoping that time and a magic spell would be able to take him back to his beginnings. The cave in question was the Bat Cave, and the magic spell would eventually be replaced by an alternate ending. Damn.

Star Trek IV: The Undiscovered Country (1991)

This sixth instalment for the original Star Trek film franchise was to be the first movie to ever utilise the Dolby Digital sound system. Not for theatrical release, for test prints only. Plus it also showcased quite a few locations in Griffith Park, most notably that sequence in the underground prison, shot in real caves previously used by the sixties Batman and the thirties Flash Gordon. Coincidentally, the first movie that ever used Dolby Digital theatrically was the 1992 Tim Burton Batman flick, 'Batman Returns'.

Knight Rider (1982 to 1986)

Hey! Let's go back for a bit, shall we? Let's go back to the eighties where a certain Michael Knight jumped into his talking car, called Kit, whom told him about all the other movie locations Bronson Canyon had on offer. Locations like the one seen in the 1935 biblical epic, 'The Last Days of Pompeii', or like the 1969 Ed Wood comedy, 'One Million AC/DC', or how about the 1956 television serial, 'The Lone Ranger', oh-oh-oh, and lets not forget the 1956 sci-fi adventure, 'Killers from Space', and then there is.... SLAP!

Ops! Sorry about that. I'm not quite sure what came over me. Anyway. If you want to know more about Bronson Canyon, Griffith Park, please feel free to go if you get the chance. I will. It's located at...

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