SnapshotThe winner of the Manhattan Film Festival, Snapshot, stars the likes of Robert Loggia (Prizzi's Honor, Scarface), Angela Little (American Pie Presents: Band Camp), Joyce DeWitt (Three's Company), Michael Pare (Eddie and the Cruisers), Martin Kove (The Karate Kid), Angela Gots (Dark House), Deirdre Lorenz (Santorini Blue) and David Chokachi (Witchblade). It's also directed by Eric Estebari.

The Plot
Thomas Grady (Zach McGowan), former paparazzi, inadvertently captures a scandalous, revealing shot of one of the world's most prominent and beloved figures -- the First Lady (Joyce DeWitt). What ensues is a terrific conflict of morals, love, and money, while examining the fine line between an individual's right to privacy and the public's right to know. Snapshot draws a parallel between the damage that can be inflicted by shooting someone with a camera instead of a gun. Possession of this photo forces Thomas to deal with ethical struggles and to confront the love of his life (Angela Gots), his brother (David Chokachi) and his father (Robert Loggia) as this photo puts the true nature of their relationships to a test, while an underlying life threatening danger exists, with an ending you would not expect. How far would you go to protect your privacy?

Ten Questions With Angela Gots
1) How did you get the role?   Through much discussion about the character with the producers, Ken Del Vecchi and Bob Bornamen, plus the director, Eric Etebari.

Angela Gots
2) How much like your character are you?   I think what I connected to most about Arianna, was her lightness in finding humor in most situations.

3) Where does Snapshot rank in terms of your favorite film experiences?   Its really up there as I got the best of all worlds. I got to be part of thought provoking content and got to enjoy myself with some very talented, fun loving people.

4) What was the most difficult part about filming Snapshot?   Having to say goodbye to the cast and crew on the east coast, great people. Especially the producers, Bob Borneman and Ken Del Vecchio.

5) Do you prefer acting for television or film?   I like working in both mediums. What drives me is playing characters that challenge me in a knew point of view in some way, expanding my idea of the human condition. That isn't always the case, but that's what I hope for.

6) Have you ever had an unfortunate run-in with the paparazzi?   I had lunch with a friend of mine who is a very well-known actor, and it was a bit alarming to see people kind of hovering and clicking cameras. It just seemed weird. We just wanted to chat and catch up and it felt like we were on display. I think I was also more worried about not getting a huge piece of spinach on my face from my sandwich that would then be documented forever. Lol.

7) What was it like working with Eric Estebari?   Eric is certainly an actor's director. He encouraged all actors to really give their own input on how they felt about a scene. Eric would let the actor roll with their ideas and then he would fill any blank spaces. If he felt it was going off in the wrong way, he would gently bring the actor back to find their intention in the scene. It was great to be a part of that kind of inspiring working climate. And he is a really spectacular problem solver as well.

Angela Gots In Snapshot
8) Have you kept in touch with the cast?   Very much so, as I ended up working on another project with Ken Del Vecchio called “Rock Story”. Which included some of the cast from “Snapshot”.

9) How do you feel when you watch yourself on the big screen?   It's fun and torturous all at the same time.

10) What is your top pick-me-up trick? Coffee! And less socialising on set, I find that that ends up exhausting me more.

So there you have it, film fans. Snapshot care of the great actress, Angela Gots. When you have the time, please feel free to check out their IMDb page for more details.