Ultron Cosplay After dreaming about it for years, you finally scored tickets to Comic-Con. You can't wait to put on your Spiderman or Wonder Woman costume and spend the day among other comic fans. To get the most out of your experience, be sure to bring along the right gadgets and technology. The following are must-haves for the event:

An Amazing Camera

Comic-Con is a living, breathing, constant Kodak moment — everywhere you turn there is something you want to capture. Bring along a charged camera and at least one memory card. If you have a cell phone that takes great shots, like the Samsung Galaxy S 6 that features a 5-megapixel wide-angle lens, then you're all set.

Tip: The convention can be noisy, so keep your phone on vibrate to make sure you notice alerts. Ring tones can be hard to hear when The Hulk is standing five feet away from you!

Electronic Charger
An Electronic Charger

You don't want to wait in a long line to meet your comic hero, only to have your phone or camera battery conk out just as you reach the front. Bring along your charger, or invest in a dependable universal charging station that can charge multiple devices at once.

Another terrific option for keeping your phone and other devices charged at Comic-Con is the Kodiak Mini portable power bank; unlike charging stations that need to be plugged in, the Kodiak Mini is ready at all times. Priced under $25, it looks like something super heroes would love. And with its shock-absorbing silicone armor, the charger is water resistant.

Dependable Wi-Fi

You want to be constantly tapped into social media to share updates and photos with family and friends back home, and also to follow your favorite characters who are making special appearances at the event and providing updates. Comic-Con events are notorious for spotty cell service, making it hard to get online. So, avoid the hassle by investing in a good Wi-Fi service from your cellphone provider instead of spending upward of $30 at the event. Or, you can buy a mobile hotspot to carry around with you to get clear service the entire time.

Official Comic-Con app
Helpful Apps

To better assist you in your journey to the epicenter of all things geek, be sure to have some helpful apps downloaded and ready.

Maximize your time at Comic-Con by having a fully-detailed schedule at your fingertips. The Official Comic-Con app includes full program schedules, an exhibitor list, maps of the convention center and show floors, special guest lineups, show highlights, exclusive items, news and more.

Although Comic-Con has changed over the years with the addition of celebrity guest panelists and the introduction of technology exhibits, it is still first and foremost a celebration of all things comics. Be sure your favorites are close at hand with the Comic Zeal 8, an advanced comic reader app, which allows you to organize your collection, use dividers to manage long lists, zoom and rotate pages, and search by title, series, or tag.