The A Plate In the tradition of such comedy classics as 'Used Cars' and 'Cadillac Man', comes a caryard comedy with customised laughter and electric performances! So come on. Shift gear and check out Julie Ann Emery joining forces with the acclaimed actors, Sam McMurray (TVs Cristela, Christmas Vacation), Shane Jacobsen (TVs American Crime) and Priscilla Barnes (TVs Jane the Virgin, Mallrats) for writer-director Terre Weisman‘s side-splitting THE A PLATE.

The A Plate

What really goes on in the back rooms of car dealerships across America? What does the car salesman do when he leaves you sitting in a sales office and goes to talk with his boss? This modern day “Used Cars” meets “Wedding Crashers” starts with Jay Roth, an ambitious, young car salesman caught up in the fast paced, fast women atmosphere of a car dealership. Jay grew up loving cars with a dream to one day own his own dealership and the 'A Plate'.

Julie Ann Emery
The 'A Plate', or dealer plate, is the ultimate badge of honor for anyone who owns a dealership. Unfortunately, Jay’s boss, Dick Stevens, refuses him a partnership.

The dealership is in jeopardy when Dick’s wife, Candice, catches him having sex in his office with his receptionist, Tracy. Candice vows to divorce Dick and take everything he’s got, especially the dealership. Dick is frantic. Seeing his opportunity to get a piece of the dealership, Jay convinces Dick to go along with a scam where they will purposely lose money so that the dealership is worth less and Candice will get nothing. In exchange for helping Dick, Jay insists that he will be made partner, but Dick refuses, so Jay secretly tells Candice about the scam, making a deal for partnership with her.

Following the sleazy unwritten code of the car business he works behind Dick’s back to foil Dicks plan by making money while Dick is trying desperately to lose money.

Dick eventually realizes that “actually” losing money is not as good an idea as “pretending” to lose money by “cooking the books”, and enlists his dumpy, middle-aged controller, Helen, into his scheme. The only problem is, Helen has a request of her own. She wants an affair with Dick.

Shane Jacobsen
Jay has a reality check when he falls for a girl that is off limits, Dick’s daughter Andrea. Andrea, in town from Chicago to sort out her parent’s divorce, wants nothing to do with Jay. Jay is in a quandary. He needs to continue his unscrupulous behavior if he really wants the 'A plate' but must appear to be a nice guy for Andrea. While Jay is occupied romancing Andrea, the whole dealership gets caught up in the world of sex and lies. Jay sleeps with Tracy. Bob, a pot-smoking co-worker who now lives with Jay, sleeps with Helen and finds out that Dick has her cooking the books. This further complicates Jay’s plans with Candice and his hopes to own the dealership not to mention he’s fallen in love with Andrea. Even Jay’s grandfather, Charlie, Jay’s moral compass, adds to the confusion when he continues to run away from the nursing home. Jay’s life is out of control as he spins further and further away from his true goal of owning the dealership.

The Comedy continues with a hilarious ensemble of co-workers at the most dysfunctional dealership around. Will Jay achieve his dream? Will Dick lose his dealership? Will Andrea and Jay find true love? Find out who gets to drive off the lot with the 'A Plate'.

THE A PLATE will be available on Dish Network, Amazon, Blockbuster on Demand, iTunes, Playstation, Vudu, Xbox and YouTube from Osiris Entertainment.