Despicable Me By now, everyone knows these lovable goofballs. Ever since their first appearance in Despicable Me, these yellow creatures, also known as minions, have captured the audience's hearts and imaginations with their simple-minded yet comedic mishaps. It also helps that they have a love for performing and singing popular songs in their own weirdly fascinating language. For today, we'll be taking a break from talking about film locations, since this is a completely animated production, there aren't any filming locations to mention. Now that their own solo movie 'Minions' is almost out, we give you 10 surprising facts that you might not know about the minions.

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Fact #1: All of the Minions have male names
Despite the fact that some of the minions love to dress like a girl, they are all in fact males. They just love cross-dressing, just as much as they love singing.

Purple MinionsFact #2: Minions can breathe and live even in outer space
Minions seem almost invulnerable in the movies. They get squashed, shrinked, dropped, and they still come out unscathed. One minion even survived in outer space after getting doused with an anti-gravity serum that made him float into space!

Fact #3: Purple Minions are evil because it exactly opposes the Minions in spectrum color
Just like in the movie Gremlins, it turns out that these Minions have a bad side too. They turn into these vile purple creatures that will eat anything when exposed to a special serum that makes them evil.

Fact #4: Minions are now the official mascot of Illumination Entertainment
After the success that the Despicable Me movies have brought to their company, this animation film production company have adopted the Minions as their official mascot. Isn't that lovely?

GruFact #5: Banana is the favorite fruit of the Minions, second are apple and papaya
Banana. Banana. The minions love saying that. They love banana so much that it's the only word they can pronounce correctly. They even made a song about it!

Fact #6: July 10th, 2015 is the release date of their movie - so mark your calendar
Show your love to these Minions by catching them when the film comes out worldwide on July 10th, 2015.

Fact #7: Minions don't like to leave unanswered
If they ask you something, then you better answer them or else they'll just stand there all day waiting for you.

Fact #8: Minions only have 3 fingers
We have no idea why that is, but they only have 3 fingers. Even so, they're still able to help Gru with building whatever contraptions he plans to make. It would be a problem though if they count to ten with their fingers, because then you'll come short of 2.

Fact #9: The population of Minions is 899 according to Pierre Coffin
Imagine having a family of 899 people that are all males. That must be unbearable. Luckily the Minions don't seem to care about their numbers as they all seem to have fun in each other's company.

Fact #10: There are 7 known Minion's names - Dave, Stuart, Kevin, Jerry, Tim, Mark, and Phil
With a population of 899, it must be hard giving names to all of them. I wouldn't be surprised if there are minions named Dave Jr. or Dave the Third. That's just my own theory though.

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Hopefully you've enjoyed reading these facts about the Minions. From the looks of the trailers, we'll be getting a bit of backstory on how the Minions lived before they were discovered by Gru. The premise sounds fun, and we're all excited to see how it goes. With all the action-packed blockbusters dominating the screen, we all need a bit of fun for young and old audiences alike.