Aces Weekly Famed artist and co-creator of the Alan Moore 80s political thriller, 'V for Vendetta', David Lloyd, will be at San Diego Comic Con this year, at stand 1907, just across the way from DC Comics. David will be representing the pioneering, Aces Weekly, the exclusively onscreen weekly comic art magazine, showcasing some of the finest international comic creators including: John McCrea, David Hine, Dan Christensen, Phil Hester, Mark Wheatley, Marc Hempel, Batton Lash, Jim Hudnall, Yishan Li, and Shaky Kane.

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Exclusive Code-Cards giving instant access to all previous Volumes of Aces Weekly's huge 200-page digital anthologies are on sale at the show directly from David for just $9.99 (£6.99/€7.99) with the added value of a sketch from David as a bonus!

For those of you not in the know, David Lloyd is the guy who also brought us the Hellblazer series, Aliens, Global Frequency, War Stories, plus a host of other projects, including an Asterix collection and a book on Sao Paulo. His most recent work in print is a retrospective collection of short stories, Materia Oscura, which was published in Italy and Spain; and his acclaimed crime graphic novel, Kickback, is now available from digital publisher, Sequential, with all kinds of extras added, including a commentary.

Aces Weekly
He has also assisted in the creation of an educational website, Cartoon Classroom, which aims to centralize all information available on the study of cartooning and comic art in the UK and Ireland.

His current occupation is publishing an exclusively onscreen comic art magazine, Aces Weekly, which features top talent from around the globe.

Now for more information on David’s past and present projects, please click on the links provided. Many thanks.

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