When I was a young lad, my Mummy and Daddy told me that when I got older I'd be able to do what Scott and Greg did to this story. DC Comics published it in July, 2015. And yes! That's correct. They did use this precautionary tale to get revenge on Elmer Fudd for what he did to Bugs Bunny. Doc!

To QUOTE myself when I saw the last page of this book: 'What the fuuuu?'.

Over the last two months, it's become fairly apparent that DC Comics are trying to show some diversity in their line of publications. Red Hood & Arsenal is obviously their 80s styled buddy-comedy. The Omega Men is shaping up to become some sort of dystopian science fiction based drama. And as for this title, this main Batman title, well, it's kind of like a quirky yet adventurous suspenseful thriller.

Take this issue for instance. Literally. In it, you have a couple of quirky scenes: like that one where Julia explains to Jim that the Powers Corps have devised a Bat-App, just so people can use it to call him in times of trouble. Then you have those more adventurous scenes: illustrated in the way that Jim had to figure out who's the new villain in his midst, one that is currently in the process of turning all of Gotham's crime-lords into super-powered foes. And last, but not least, you have that earthy yet suspenseful X factor. A factor that is hard to explain, even though it was peppered with juicy little revelations that I don't want to mention as they may spoil the ending.

That said, what I can say about this issue is what I did and didn't like about it. For a start, I thought the concept of the Bat Truck went a bit too far, as overall it felt like a throwaway gag. And as much as I did enjoy the basic idea behind this issue (a master villain powering up bad guys for his own gain), at the end of the day it was still bogged down with Jim continually doubting himself as the new Batman, plus there were quite a few quirky occurrences that managed to distract the general narrative (Clayface mark 2 anyone?)

On a more positive note, I did enjoy Greg Capullo's artwork. Despite it being slightly dirty on the page (you know who you are), on the whole I felt that his clean yet off-beat style complemented Scott's clean yet off-beat story-line. And to me, this was epitomized just perfectly in how they managed to insert a flash back scene into a fighting sequence in a manner that was very cinematic and bold.

Oh! And while I'm talking about bold things, the ending of this book (You know. The ending I don't really want to tell you about for the sake of spoiling the surprise), well, if I may tease you slightly, nearing the end, you will see someone who was implied at the end of the last issue. But not only that. Oh no. You'll also get a pivotal character from this issue interacting with that particular someone from the last.

You will understand what I mean by this when you get around to reading the book.

A large portion of this story was dedicated to Jim doubting his own abilities whenever he's dressed up as the new Batman. But do you know what I say to that? I say, no Jim. No doubt. No Doubt the band and their thumping song, Don't Speak. So don't speak, Jim. Don't Speak. Because every time you do you start doubting your own abilities.

Errr? What was the question again?

There was a great scene in this book, where Jim Gordon moaned to Julia about his super-powered mustache growing back too quickly every time he shaves it off. And so, in honor of Bat-Jim's hairy top upper lip, I now feel indebted to compare this comic book to Jim Gordon's super-powered and re-grow-able mustache .

Say no more.
Have you ever been punched in the private parts by a ten ton truck? If so, then you know the feeling I got when I read the last couple of pages of Batman. But of course, you don't want me to tell you about this ending, do you? No sir re Bob. What you want me to do instead is imply what happened in a form of a question! So, how about this?

What happened at the end of this issue?

  1. Did Jim Gordon discover that Alfred Pennyworth is somehow connected to the original Batman?
  2. Did The Green Lantern Corp sue the Powers Corp for the use of the term Corp?
  3. Did The Gotham City Police Department collectively rent Robocop on Netflix?
  4. Did everyone in the whole world define the state of the economy by farting in unison?
  5. Did Tim Drake zap back from the future with Marty McFly?
  6. Did a recently shaved Jim Gordon approach a disheveled Bruce Wayne in a soup kitchen?
  7. Did Damien Wayne kill Jim Gordon?
  8. Did I make up more plausible questions that may or may not be true?
Nuff said.

BATMAN #42 BATMAN #42 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 27, 2015 Rating: 5
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