When I was a young lad, my Mummy and Daddy told me that when I got older I'd be able to do what Robert and Billy did to this story. DC Comics published it in July, 2015. And yes! That's correct. They did make an airplane out of it, and then threw it at my teacher. Zooom!!!!

To QUOTE OJ Simpson: 'Don't look at me! I didn't do nothing'.

Sometimes when you pick up and read a comic book you can actually enjoy the journey it takes you on, yet not be too keen on its predetermined outcome. And to me, yep, that's right, that's precisely what I felt about reading this issue of Green Lantern.

With all due respect to Billy's expressive artwork, as well as Robert's characteristic depiction of each character, at the end of the day, when I finally read this issue from beginning to end, what did I discover? Only three things. The Corps and their world is missing. Aliens living on a planet I've never heard of before are dead. Plus Hal does a mighty good impression of Han Solo. Apart from that, nothing much happened throughout it's telling except to set up next months adventure.

Now please don't get me wrong, because as I said, I did like reading this installment an awful lot! In my eyes Billy has stepped up his game drawing Hal and the gang, and I did enjoy all of his cartoonish yet detailed etchings. Robert did an awesome job too, and I especially liked his non-conclusive narrative, despite the fact that nothing much actually happened even though it did.   

OK! Wait a minute! Let me back track slightly. As I think I'm starting to confuse myself as much as I'm confusing you. You see, what I mean by this, is that at the start of the book, we saw Hal and the gang fly to the Corps home-world to drop Trapper off, only to discover that the Green Lantern Corps and their world are missing.

So what did they do about this? Nothing much. All they did was talk for a bit and then went to Virgo's home-world to drop him off, only to quickly discover that everyone on his planet are dead-dead-dead.

So again, what did they do? Answer: Once again, nothing much. They just hung around and talked a bit more until Trappers henchmen turned up to save him, only for them to feel Hal's explosive wrath in turn (Pretty damn powerful, isn't he?).

So on the whole, yeah, some things did happen in this adventure with plot points being firmly put into place (Dead world... Ouch! Corps world... Where?). It's just that nothing is really revealed or resolved throughout its telling.

It was a good story mind you, and I am honestly digging this new direction and how its taking shape. In many ways it's starting to seem like a nice mixture of Star Wars meets Lost in Space with a touch of Legion and Green Lantern Corps thrown in for good measure. How long it will last is anyone's guess. Although I have to say I'm enjoying the dynamics between the three principal characters (four, if you count Darleen), and, yeah, all in all this was a pretty neat tale, plus it did manage to lay the foundations for things yet to come.

As I implied previously, things did happen in this story, although nothing was truly resolved. So, when I put it in those terms, how could I not musically match it up to the Seether song, 'No Resolution'?

What? Too literal. Tough titty, and rock on!!!!

Essentially this adventure is about someone discovering that everything is not as it should seem. You know. Like when you go to the shops and can't find something you want to purchase.

Could happen?  
At the very end of this issue a character announces that they can't make something rise. So, just for fun -- twonk -- let's see if you can guess who this character is and what exactly they want to make rise? Because could it be...

  1. Gordon Ramsey, wanting to make the doe in his bread rise.
  2. An air traffic controller, wanting to make an airplane rise.
  3. Lindsay Lohan, wanting to make her acting career rise.
  4. A porn star, wanting to make his willy rise.
  5. Black Hand, wanting to make the dead rise.
  6. A banker, wanting to make his wages rise.
  7. David Guetta, singing his song, Rise, featuring Skylar Grey.
  8. A member of the government, wanting to make his wages and a porn star's willy rise.
Nuff said.

GREEN LANTERN #42 GREEN LANTERN #42 Reviewed by David Andrews on July 22, 2015 Rating: 5
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