The Sunday ComicsCalifornia based entertainments company, Golden Bell Entertainment, launches their first collaborative arts project called The Sunday Comics, which they’ve been working on for over a year. The Sunday Comics is a publication printed as a newspaper and hardcover book, and includes over 175 artists with over 200 pages of full color content. The sizing of the publication is 15” by 22” inches, bringing back the traditional U.S. Broadsheet paper size.

The content itself has an extraordinary amount of diversity and unique art, storytelling and genres. It's broken up into sectionals, as any traditional newspaper would be, yet The Sunday Comics twist on that old fashioned take is how it’s categorized. Instead of “News”, “Classifieds”, “Sports”, etc. sections, what will be included are Traditional Comic Strips, Illustrations, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Online Web Comics, and many more complete with an Archives section courtesy of The Ohio State University’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum, King Features, Universal UClick, and Creators.

The Sunday ComicsAcclaimed Creators from every inch of the globe

The Sunday Comics boasts creators from every entertainment industry in the world. With Oscar Nominated animator and Cannes Grand Prize Winner Bill Plympton, Eisner Award Winner Bill Sienkiewicz, Emmy Award Winners Tom Gammill, and Dean Haspiel, Past President of the National Cartoonists Society Daryl Cagle, Reuben Award Winners Danielle Corsetto, John Reiner, Anton Emdin, Guy Gilchrist, Pat Byrnes, Jack Pittman, Chip Bok, and Glenn McCoy. Juno Award Winner Dean Motter, Inkpot Award Winners Mark Wheatley, and Jack Katz, Annie Award Nominee Tom Bancroft for Mulan’s Mushu, Best Art Vinyl Award Winner Theo Ellsworth, Society of Professional Journalists Award Winner Ruben Bolling, Famed comic book creators Bambos Georgiou, Butch Guice, and Roger Langridge, International Illustrators Miriam Katin, Keren Katz, and Yazz Casillas, and web comic extraordinaries Reza Farazmand, Zack Weinersmith, Wes Hotchkiss, Jim Horwitz, Davy Jones, and Ezra Butt. This is just a sampling of some of the creators that are featured in The Sunday Comics.

The Ohio State University’s Billy Ireland Cartoon Library & Museum and Various Syndications

Aside from working with The Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum to bring original scanned comic strips such as Little Nemo in Slumberland, The Passing Show, Dream of the Rarebit Fiend, Gertie The Dinosaur, Little Sammy Sneeze, Buster Brown, and Krazy Kat, back to their original format, we’ll also be working with various syndicates like King Features, Universal uClick, Washington Post, and creators to bring strips ranging from Garfield, Peanuts, Dennis The Menace, Mickey Mouse, Marmaduke, Rugrats, Winnie The Pooh, Archie, Mike Du Jour, Beetle Bailey, and many more!

The Sunday Comics
Modes of Distribution and the Market

The Sunday Comics currently is live on Kickstarter. We are facilitating our preorders on Kickstarter as a means of production to cover our initial costs. Additionally, we will be working with Diamond Comics Distributors for a comic shop retail presence, Amazon for our global internet sales, and our website. Defining the market this product simply is focused on comic lovers of all ages around the world.

Now please stay tuned for more information about The Sunday Comics.