Joker Cover Many years ago a man was born. But not just any normal conventional man. No way, Jose. This was a man so evil, so vile, and so rude, that one day, years later, DC Comics decided to base a collection of covers on his red, green, and white visage. Now some people call this man Mister Jay. Where as some others call him before they die. But as for me on the other hand, well, he will always be known as, The Joker.

Batman - Joker Cover

Do you want to know how I got these
scars? I went to my local scar making
shop, and asked them for some, Ha!  
Superman & Wonder Woman - Joker Cover

If you hit me one more time, princess,
I promise, my next donation to charity
won't involve sperm.

Harley Quinn - Joker Cover

I now pronounce you, a bitch, and a fool.
You may now kiss my ass goodbye.

Wonder Woman - Joker Cover

Is that a monkey in your pocket, Joker,
or is it a laughing fish?

Green Lantern - Joker Cover

Some people say rings are for marriage.
But me, I'd say rings are for phones.
Superman - Joker Cover

Once you've taken me to France,
Super-ham, next I want you to take me 
from behind. This skirt is too tight.

The Flash - Joker Cover

Most people have a monkey on their
back. Me, I have a raving lunatic.

Deathstroke - Joker Cover

What's the difference between praying
in a church, Slade, and praying in 
casino? In a casino you mean it!

Detective Comics - Joker Cover

It was once said that Feminists are
like Clowns: Some find them funny.
Some find them scary. But nobody
takes them seriously!

Justice League Of America - - Joker Cover

Can you guess which one of us forgot
to check the Watchtower for laughing 
gas? I give you a clue. I'm going to stick
his trident up his ass, very-very soon.