Aquaman Comics and graphic novels have gained recognition in pop culture circles for quite some time. Marvel Film's constant blockbusters and the TV adaptation of "The Walking Dead" crush viewership records on near annual schedules. Graphic novels such as Watchmen, Blackhole, and the more recent, Saga have garnered praise for artistic merit and literary value. Comic book culture is now a large chunk of pop culture, even for those who don't see it. If you and your friends are comic and graphic novel fans, throw a party and bring these works of art off the page.

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Formal mailed invites make any party feel more official. Design your own comic book themed invitations with construction paper, markers, scissors and glue. Scan the finished product into your computer, then print out your invitations with a high-resolution printer for best results. If you rather use an online service, the easily customizable templates on Zazzle offer a variety of comic themed invitations you use with your own text and images.

Invitations by mail are tangible, something invitees can hold as a reminder, or even scrapbook in remembrance of good summer times. While you should create a Facebook or Google+ event as well, hard copy invitations show your friends and family the work and care you have put into the party and they'll all appreciate it.

Sound EffectsFood and Floral

Sound effect words are a classic and time honored tradition in comics and graphic novels alike. Bring these iconic sound bubbles to your party with labeled glasses, sodas, and even cakes with cutout sound effect bubbles. For instance, if there are cupcakes for a birthday party, position small word bubbles in the frosting.

Get fancy, pick up some cheap comics from your local comic shop and make comic book bouquets. You’ll need scissors, glue, and a round object. With these tools cut, fold and paste those comics into beautiful comic book flower bouquets.

Batman Vs JokerFestive Decor

Go above and beyond with decorations. If the Joker threw a pool party, what would the pool be filled with? Blood, that’s right, or maybe acid. If you have a pool and have a thing for comic book villains, dye the water to instantly set the mood. While some guests might find it a bit creepy to swim in blood-red water, an acidic green would finally explain the scars the Joker is so proud of.

Bring Movies to Life

When the sun sets, the party can really come to life. Set up a projector screen outside and start up one of your favorite comic book movies. While you flip burgers on a warm summer night party goers can relax in the pool, set up chairs in the lawn, and sip beers as the story unfolds, stars blinking into existence overhead. While outdoor entertainment systems are awesome, you should consider a outdoor projector that is made specifically for weather conditions and humidity. Panasonic, Sony, and Epson, all make options suitable for outdoor use that will fit the bill.