Before the end, there was the beginning of the end. Not exactly the final chapter, per say, but more along the lines of something to fill the gap in-between pucker-up and ka-pow! Know what I mean? If not, then if I were you, I'd check out this amazing penultimate chapter created by Mark Waid, Chris Samnee, and Published by Marvel Comics, in August, 2015.

To QUOTE LL Cool J: 'You can't let your past hold your future hostage'.

Now on a conceptual level the basic outline of this issue is a fairly simple one to follow: Daredevil has to loose a fight to Ikari, the Kingpin's main assassin, or else the Kingpin will kill one of Matt's close (kidnapped) friends: most notably, Foggy, Kirsten, or Julia. That being said, however, for us to eventually figure out this basic outline, what we've got to do, is follow a series of time-displaced scenes depicting Matt fighting Ikari, as well as Matt negotiating with the Kingpin back at his HQ.

Well, after all, this is a Mark and Chris adventure we're talking about. And as we all know, the way these two tell their tales is as unconventional as a smoked fish smoking a pipe with slippers. I mean, take a look at how this plot kicked off for instance. On page two, we get to see a scene which sets-up what is yet to follow: Daredevil has to snatch Julia out of the Owl's daughter's clutches, and he has to do so before either Ms Owl or the Shroud get their hands on her first.

Unfortunately, this doesn't really pan out in the way he hoped it would. And as I just said, we are then presented with the two scene structure -- one involving negotiation, the other, a lot of fighting --  and this goes on, back and forth, back and forth, revealing parts of the plot one story-point at a time, until the tale finally hit's the To Be Continued sign.

Not that this is a bad thing, mind you. As I did enjoy reading the Kingpin's pious comments towards Matt's past actions (which I must admit, I partly agreed with), plus following Chris's drawing of Matt fighting Ikati, well, what can I say about that? Lovely stuff. Very Matrix meets the Dark Knight,

So overall, yeah, I'd say that this was a very high kicking and high stakes issue of Daredevil. The plot was a simple yet intriguing one to follow, and it was complemented with a very frothy structure and some smashing fast paced visuals. Can't wait to see how it's all going to end next month!
Now if I was in the shoes of either Foggy, Kirsten, or Julia, and I had to choose a song to match up to this issue, do you know which one I would choose? Yes. That's right. 'Rescue Me' by Fontella Bass. So come on, baby. Let's shake that little ass!!!!

Hey! Whilst I'm on the subject of rescuing, how about I also compare this comic book to someone else's point of view? Namely, Matt Murdock, the man without fear, and the person who's currently in between a rock and a hard place.

Say no more.
At the very end of this issue Matt says to the Shroud, 'He only needs one. It doesn't matter which, just one', in relation to something that the Kingpin has in his possession. So, just for fun -- BANG-BANG!!! --- Let's see if you can guess what it is that the Kingpin has one of?

  1. One eye: Like Black-beard the pirate.
  2. One brain-cell: Like the Kardashians.
  3. One hit wonder: Like Chesney Hawkes.
  4. One hostage: Like... errrr... someone who has one hostage.
  5. One hand: Like Alfred Pennyworth.
  6. One ball: Like Hitler.
  7. One Direction: Like the boy-band.
  8. One pubic hair: Like One Direction.
Nuff said.

DAREDEVIL #17 DAREDEVIL #17 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 17, 2015 Rating: 5
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