Do you take two bottles into the shower? Do you feel that both shampoo and conditioner can help you scrape your scalp clean? I don't. I just take a comic book created by Francis Manapul, Fernando Blanco, and Brian Buccellato. Want to know why? It's because DC Comics are worth it. Especially in August, 2015.

To QUOTE Margaret Thatcher: 'Power is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't'.

In time honored tradition this issue of Detective Comics follows on from where the last one left off. To begin with, we're presented with a pretty ballsy sequence where we discover that Bat-Jim had been deliberately duped by a gang of La Morte henchmen (who've stolen the power-core out of his bat-suit during a fight they've had between chapters). And then, once this fact has been re-substantiated in another scene back at the station house, what we find out next is that this gang of crooks is working for an unknown party, and that this unknown party is going to attempt to blow up a circus full of dignitaries (with the stolen power source no less).

Now it's here, at this particular stage of the adventure, where I've got to be careful with what I'm going to say next. And the reason why I say this, dear reader; is because it's at this juncture where we discover three major revelations pertaining to the overall narrative. Revelations, I might add, which unveil one masked villain, one long-lost mob-boss, and one double-faced detective who we all know.

Yes. That's right. I'm of course referring to Detective Yip. Personally, I feel that I can say her name as we all know she's been a bad-egg for a good couple of issues. And now, here, in this very issue, her duplicitous nature is finally expunged. That said, it's not so expunged, that we, or any of the characters involved, know where we actually stand with this so-called revelation.

I mean, with all due respect to everyone associated with this book --  namely, Fernando Blanco, with his Chris Samnee inspired artwork, plus Francis and Brian, with their evolving story-line -- but at the end of the day, each of these revelations don't seem to be heading anywhere fast. Although we know who the main players are, we don't know how each of them fit into the bigger picture. Is the mob-boss king of the hill? Is the masked villain a red herring? And how on Earth did Yip get involved with these two people without anybody finding out sooner?

Again, I do mean this with all due respect. Because as I said, this is a well plotted and a well illustrated story. It's just that at the moment things have been put into place very nicely, but that place, wherever it may be, is currently residing on fairly flimsy ground, and needs something to upholster it, before it begins to fall.

Oh! And while I'm on the subject of falling: what do any of you think about how Jim Gordon's being portrayed? I'm pretty conflicted myself. It's as though Jim's turned into a second rate macho Blue Beetle in a Bat-Suit. As much as we all love him as a person and a character in his own right, on the whole, I don't like the way he keeps falling victim to those around him.

Now a large portion of this story was dedicated to finding out who's got Bat-Jim's stolen power source, as well as what they're going to do with it. And do you know what I want to say to that? I want to say, I got the power, and so does... Snap!!!!

Ouch! Was my musical comparison too literal for you? Well, if it was, you're definitely going to hate this one. Because in my eyes, and for fairly obvious reasons, I want to match this plot up to the Simpson's character, Mister Burns, the devilish owner of Springfield's power plant.  

Hmmmmm. Excellent.
Previously in this review (yes, it's a review), I mentioned that a masked villain made their surprise appearance in this issue. And as much as I don't want to tell you who this person is (no spoilers here), what I can say about them, is that this individual was (is?) a member of the Suicide Squad.

So yes. That's right. You can now guess what member out of the following seven options!

  1. Deadshot: Well, he was the first Bat Villain to join the Squad.
  2. Poison Ivy: Well, she was the first Bat Villain who got me feeling horny.
  3. Bronze Tiger: Well, he was the first Bat Villain to actually go hand to hand with Batman whilst in the SS.
  4. Harley Quinn: Well, she was the first Bat Villain to make out with two of Batman's enemies.
  5. Blockbuster: Well, he was the first Bat Villain to die in the Squad.
  6. The Jokers Daughter: Well, she was the first Bat Villain to appear totally and utterly superfluous everywhere she goes.
  7. The Penguin: Yes. He was in the Squad. Ask Deadshot. Ask Ivy. And ask Amanda. Namely, the skinny version.
Nuff said.

DETECTIVE COMICS #43 DETECTIVE COMICS #43 Reviewed by David Andrews on August 18, 2015 Rating: 5
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