Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad Movie Until it premiers in August of next year, we can't know for sure if Warner Bros. Picture's "Suicide Squad" will go down in history, but we do know one thing for sure: It's definitely going to be different. When the trailer leaked at Comic Con, the studio was quick to release a high def version of the trailer for everyone to see. And see we did. Of course, it's always hard to tell from a few minutes of footage, but the anarchic spirit of the comic book is certainly intact. Not familiar with the source material? Here are five things you'll definitely want to have in your arsenal of knowledge leading up to the movie's release next summer.

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The Cast Of The Suicide Squad Movie
High body count

One of the thing's that separates the series from other DC properties like Batman and Superman is its utter lack of reverence for its heroes. Not only does the squad leave a lot of dead bodies in its wake, but the individual team members are completely disposable as well. You never know from one page to the next who is going to survive, which gives the books a level of tension not seen in a lot of other properties. It will be interesting to see how far the filmmakers are willing to go with killing off its all-star cast, but it’s highly unlikely that the entire Suicide Squad will still be standing when the credits role.

Suicide Squad Issue 1
Revolving Rick Flaggs

For the film, Tom Hardy was originally cast as the Suicide Squad’s self-appointed leader, Rick Flagg, but was eventually replaced by Joel Kinnaman. There were initially rumors that Hardy was unhappy with the script (specifically his character’s lack of screen time) but the actor was quick to quash them. The real reason appears to be scheduling conflicts with his upcoming collaboration with Leonardo DiCaprio, "The Revenant".

A Rotating Cast

The Suicide Squad roster consists of of characters who have appeared on the team since they first appeared in issue No. 25 of "The Brave and the Bold" in 1959. Deathstroke, Poison Ivy and Oracle have all been members of the Suicide Squad at one point or another. The only character to appear in every iteration of the group? Deadshot.

Suicide Squad The Phoenix GambitThe Joker is not in the Suicide Squad

Since the group is made up of a bunch of villains, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the clown prince of crime is a member. Although he’s appeared in several storylines throughout the years (and in the upcoming film), it’s always in an antagonistic or supporting capacity. However, his No. 1 fan Harley Quinn is a recurring member of the Suicide Squad, and her relationship with the Joker is at the center of several major plots. She’s played in the movie by Margot Robbie.
Breaking new ground

It might be hard to think of a hyper-violent tribute to comic villainy as a socially-progressive work of literature, but "Suicide Squad" is exactly that. Ever since the first standalone comic book appeared in 1987, the book has featured Amanda Waller, a strong, black female character who creates the Suicide Squad and serves as its handler. A high ranking government official, Waller was a first for DC and highlights the book’s strong sense of diversity and social equality. Fans were very happy to learn that Viola Davis was cast to play “The Wall” in the film.