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Oliver, Stoned Uncork'd Entertainment and BG Pics One have finally released one of the funniest flicks of 2015, Oliver, Stoned. Essentially it's a smoke-filled, fast-paced comedy-adventure starring Pitch Perfect 2's Brea Grant, and Southpaw's Skylan Brooks, where we get to see the trippy antics of a 26-year-old Oliver Barnes (Seth Cassell), who, upon discovering his car has been stolen, embarks on a drug fueled mission to track down the perpetrator and restore balance to the universe.

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It stars Ryan Malgarini from TV's 'Gary Unlimited' and 'How To Eat Fried Worms', Briana Lane from 'The Real Housewives of Horror', plus Larry Cedar from 'Deadwood' and 'National Treasure: Book of Secrets'. It was also Directed by Tom Morris and co-written by Morris and Jaz Kalkat.

It look's like a good film, doesn't it? So before you click on the link provided and grab yourself a copy, please feel free to check out the following filmic facts about the cast and crew.

  • No. This film was not directed by the famed filmed director, Oliver Stone. If you want to know where the name Oliver came from, you might like to know that this is the name of the character who opened the sun roof on Ms Jones car whilst smoking his doobage in the opening scene.
  • It was Tom Morris who directed and co-wrote the script for this film, plus, his middle name is actually (Shhhh! Don't tell anyone) Samuel.
  • Prior to commencing her career in acting, Brea Grant was a diligent American Studies student who attended the University of Texas.
  • The majority of this movie was shot on location within the Californian state of Oxnard.

Oliver, StonedOliver, Stoned

  • Ryan Malgarini starred opposite Lindsay Lohan in her version of Freaky Friday. Tut-Tut-Tut! Poor boy!
  • When he's not acting like a stoner in this film, Seth Cassell is also a very keen carpenter, and I don't mean that he sings songs with his sister.
  • To balance out Ryan working with Lindsay, Skylan Brooks managed to star opposite Rachel McAdams, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Forest Whitaker, in the 2015 sports-drama, Southpaw.
  • The first time Briana Lane appeared in front of a film camera, she acted as Hope's double in the TV show, Days of Our Lives.
  • You remember that nice director with the middle name of Samuel? Yes. That's the one. The nice chap I mentioned in my first fact: Tom Morris. Well, he and Jaz Kalkat not only co-wrote Oliver, Stoned together, but they also co-wrote the 2012 comedy, General Education, as well as the 2010 short, Ships Wrecked Cove.

Oliver, StonedOliver, Stoned

Now for any more information about Oliver, Stoned, please feel free to visit their facebook page or purchase it online at Amazon.

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