The Imperium - The Monkey Biblical Comix celebrates it’s first year of publication with the launch of an IndieGoGo campaign for it’s latest title, The Imperium. Created by Stefano Cardoselli and Tzvi Lebetkin, which is the same team behind the popular Ice Warriors fan strip, The Imperium takes iconic characters and deconstructed them to their roots, reassembles them in modern form, and then dumps them all into a super group with a mind bending action and adventure.

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Collectively, we sat down and thought about what IS the 1960s, as it now exists in the media-sphere. For us it’s all about Patrick Troughton charging up and down monotoned corridors. It’s monkeys in space suits. It’s sexy cat suited super spies. It’s opening doors to the windows of perception… and just so much more.

The Imperium - The Excile
We also sat down and thought what would an alien ‘cosmic hobo’ be like? What would a womanising government assassin with no conscience be like? Why would a gorgeous and insanely talented woman be a super spy, and what’s with all that tight leather? And most importantly, how would they all play together? And how would that even happen?

These are the questions we address and answer in the Imperium -- and at the same time stuffing it as full with as many cultural references as could possibly fit on a page.

Inside The Creative Process
This is the IndieGoGo perk we're SUPER excited about: where the backers get intimate access to the book as we create it. You see us come up with great ideas, and then throw them out when we come up with something better on the fly. We unashamedly stole this idea from one of my favorite books in recent years -- Russell T. Davies and Benjamin Cook’s ‘The Writers Tale’, which gives one access to Davies’s creative process whilst making Doctor Who via constant emails with Benjamin Cook -- and it’s just marvellous!

The Imperium - The AgentWe want our fans with us in every way. We want them with us because it’s their book as much as mine. By buying a copy on IndieGoGo, you get to be a producer, quite simply by putting your money down on the table (which, truth be told, is the only thing that qualifies anybody to be a producer).

One of the wonderful things about the age we live in, is the fans have really taken control of the object of their fandom. Gone are the days of kneeling by one’s bed side and praying that a new super cool project gets green lit. So, along with getting all this insider stuff (which backers will continue to get for the life of the project – WAY, WAY beyond the pilot), supporters will also have the satisfaction of knowing that they were the one with the foresight to see the potential of this project ahead of everyone else, and it’s here today because of their support.

The Imperium - The AssasinAbout Biblical Comix
Biblical Comix was started in 2014 by Tzvi Lebetkin, to promote his ongoing indie book, Biblical. We’re delighted that we’ve been successful enough to not just keep on producing great comics, but have grown.

Our new web series, ‘Stoners’. is now available every week online for free, and joins The Ice Warriors fan strip in our catalog of free online entertainment.

Biblical: Bible Stories for Atheists, Creationists, Rationalists and Rogues is now in it’s 5th issue continues to get acclaim from reviewers and a growing fan base. See it for yourself in some of our extensive previews at

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