Aquaman - Bombshell Variant During World War Two, the army managed to boost morale within their ranks by commissioning a series of portraiture's, depicting scantly clad women in seductive poses. Now they're back, and thanks to DC Comics, they've brought with them some extra added superhero bonuses. So come on. Rally the troupes, call in the marines, and march on parade with this gaggle of go-getting gals.

Black Canary - Bombshell Variant

Usually I sleep like a baby. I wake up
screaming every morning at 3am.

Batgirl - Bombshell Variant

... And this is what Batgirl would look
like if she was a flying prostitute.

Raven - Bombshell Variant

Now if her Dad is a Demon, does that 
mean he was once a member of Kiss?

The Ravagers - Bombshell Variant

No. Not The Ravager. Ravage her.
You liberal sod.

Justice League Ladies - Bombshell Variant

Look. All our breasts are pointing 
in the same direction. Up.

Catwoman - Bombshell Variant

What do you call a cat caught by
the police? A Purrpatrator.

Supergirl - Bombshell Variant

We all need support sometimes.
Just like my tits.

Killer Frost - Bombshell Variant

My heart may be cold,
but my ass sure is hot.

Poison Ivy - Bombshell Variant

What did the elephant say to the naked
man? How do you breathe through
that little thing?

Wonder Woman & Superman - Bombshell Variant

United for victory. Divided when 
it comes to facial hair and burning
things with your eyes.

Detective Wayne - Bombshell Variant

Never tell people your troubles.
Half of them aren't interested.
Where as the other half are glad
you're getting what's coming.

Joker and Harley - Bombshell Variant

When I told you to take me in your
arms, Harley, and whisper something
sweet into my ear, I never expected
you to say, 'chocolate fudge'.