Samantha LockwoodIf you do a google on Bikram Yoga, Wikipedia will tell you that this is a style of yoga that Bikram Choudhury synthesized from traditional hatha yoga techniques, and was made popular in the early seventies. That said, do you know what Bikram Yoga can actually do? It can fill your life full of positive energy.  Just as it's done with my actress pal, Samantha Lockwood. Here. Check this out for the full 411.

Samantha Lockwood 1) What’s it like having two parents for actors, Samantha, and what do you think you gleaned from them to shape your own path in acting?   They are great people. I have certainly been influenced by both of them a great deal. My father had an excellent career as an actor. He's still highly regarded by other actors who know his work. But it's wonderful to hear compliments from other actors who I respect and have always looked up to for their "fine acting". My mother is very hard working and believes in "work ethic to pave your way". My father is more of the school of thought that "with acting you really never know, so live your life and read a lot". Personally I believe that if you use your talents and will power together, then opportunities open up.

2) If your style of acting omitted a collective odor, what would it smell like and why?   Pikake, fresh and confident.

3) Can you please elaborate on some of your filmic projects?   Simply put, I'd say "Shoot the Hero", indie projects, "Karma Dogs", and currently I have a music video with JT Hodges, "Goodbyes Made You Mine". My very first small role was in "Lords of Dogtown", and right now I am working on an episode of 'Hawaii Five - 0'. 

Mahatma Ghandhi4) If you could get endorsed by a known celebrity – either living or dead – who would you like it to be and why?   Abraham Lincoln, Paramahansa Yogananda, or Mahatma Ghandhi. I think an endorsement from any of those three would mean I'm heading in the right direction. Ha!

5) When did you first get into Bikram Yoga, and how has it informed you over the years?   I was in the womb for my first class, as my mother practiced Bikram Yoga and so did my father. At age 17 I went to teacher training. Practicing and teaching have always been a part of my life. Yoga teaches control, discipline, and how to focus which is really important for creating a disciplined approach to your life and your acting work. You tend to have more patience and more energy for your work too. 

6) If you could speak to a younger version of yourself, what piece of advice would you like to impart?   Keep up the work, you are on the right track. Stay focused on service to others. 

7) If you have a personal credo, what do you think it would be?   Do what you know feels right for your path. Meditate. Don't overthink things. Eat right, exercise right, and see the good in everything. Put energy into your good thoughts and good actions - live fully.
And on that great note, I'd like to thank Samantha for telling us about her life in acting and yoga, before directing you towards her website, kauaibikramyoga, and twitter pages.