Spider-man and Superman
Over the years we’ve seen a number of Spider-Man crossovers, both in-house with other Marvel characters and of course with competitors, such as DC Comics. We’ve seen the wallcrawler team up with Batman, Red Sonja, and even the big guy himself: Superman! However, a lot of things have changed since Spidey got to play with the heroes of the DC Universe.

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Flashpoint introduced new concepts for familiar characters, and some new characters have made their mark. Spider-Man is also a different hero than he was originally portrayed. A family man, with alternate versions of himself and his identity, Peter Parker is now a pillar in the heroic community within the Marvel Universe.

So, who do you think would make for a great storytelling team-up with arguably the most popular Marvel character, and how would their story work? Well, stick around and keep reading for the answers, my friends, and be sure to let me know what you’d like to see in a Spider-Man crossover.

Spider-Man / Green ArrowSpider-Man / Green Arrow: Battle City

The Trickshot of Seattle, Oliver Queen (a.k.a The Green Arrow) has made quite a splash since his creation. Originally he was little more than Batman with a bow and arrow, but since then Green Arrow has developed into a complex character with just as many valid interpretations as he has trick arrows. Not the smartest or strongest, Green Arrow is arguably the most human of DC’s street-level vigilantes. Being paired with Spider-Man could make for a fun series of moments filled with witty banter and action of both the high-flying and awesome variety. 

What Spider-Man brings to the table in this partnership is, of course, his unique powerset, plus also his own technological genius. Spidey is no stranger to working with archers, while a Spider-Man is a totally new thing for Oliver to deal with, and given how he already reacts to other human heroes like Batman, one can only imagine how he’ll take to Parker. 

But, prey tell, who could take this team on? Well, a dastardly duo of Kraven the Hunter and Count Vertigo would make for a unique set of problems for our heroes.

Harley Quinn / Spider-Man
Harley Quinn / Spider-Man: Game On

In recent years, Harley Quinn has become a breakout character in the DC Universe. Once upon a time she was that mad lady attached to the Joker's hip. Now, however, she has her own solo series and a starring role in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie. So yeah! Harley has seen her popularity explode.

In the past she’s had run-ins with everyone from Deathstroke, Power Girl, and everyone in between, always bringing her trademark sense of dark fun to the party. Not something Spider-Man runs into on a daily basis, I’m sure. Yet for fans of Harley Quinn, seeing her trade verbal barbs (and maybe a double/triple cross or two) with Spider-Man could make for a truly funny comic book outing. And the chances of a Suicide Squad regular like Deadshot showing up are not totally far gone. Spider-Man, for as long as he’s been at this hero game, has likely experienced crazy in a myriad of forms. But when you talk about someone who is crazy, that barely scratches the surface of who Harley Quinn is.

Let’s hope the Amazing One enjoys getting to dig a little deeper. Quinn joining up with Spider-Man and possibly Silk could make for a whacky, fun story. Heck, maybe The Human Torch could help. Can you say “All-New, All-Different Fantastic Four?”.

Spider-Man / StaticSpider-Man / Static: Static Cling

Peter Parker and Virgil Hawkins tick many of the same boxes when it comes to heroic archetypes (albeit, they have, at one point.) Teenagers dealing with typical high-school situations and juggling their burgeoning careers as superheroes. While Spider-Man has become a mainstay in the Marvel Universe, Static hasn’t been quite as lucky. And since following a disappointing entry into the post-Flashpoint DCU, Static has been pretty much MIA.

However, with the upcoming Earth-M addition to DCs multiverse, Milestone’s favorite son could be in for a renewed take on his adventures. Spider-Man has long-since evolved beyond the teenage hero he once was, but that experience could do well in helping a new-to-the-game Static up his game. The great mix of street and book smarts that both Static and Spidey can bring to the table could make for a series as heavy on the fun side of science -- as it is on the action. Perhaps Ebon and Mysterio could be the team-up that makes this happen?

Red Hood and Arsenal
Red Hood / Arsenal / Spider-Man: Code Red

Otherwise known as Team Red, the duo of Arsenal and Red Hood started off with a trio, so you could even consider Spider-Man an honorary Outlaw. Red Hood and Arsenal, the mercenaries for hire, are probably people Peter would not associate with by choice. Fringe members of the heroic community, it’s not likely Jason and Roy would jump at the chance to have another player join their party.

That said, given the threats of KOBRA (among other things), there’s no reason they’d outright shut the Spider down. Guns aren’t his style, but I think in a fight Jason and Roy would come to see Spider-Man’s hand-to-hand prowess and of course, his Spider Sense, as a huge asset to whatever mission brings these three together. So, what do you think fans? Are you game for Red Hood, Arsenal, and Spider-Man vs. The Sinister Six?

Spider-Man / Starfire: Alien Among Us

On the subject of Outlaws, there’s some curiosity on what a team-up with one of the original Outlaws and Spider-Man would be like. Struggling to find herself on Earth, Peter Parker could be just the helpful hand everyone’s favorite orange girl has been looking for. No doubt Peter Parker has experienced being the one who’s a little different, maybe even an outcast. However, for all the bad that’s brought him, he’s been able to take all that and turn it into something positive, and something that I think Starfire’s character can gain from.

The difference between this and some of the other team-ups here is that this could have a lot of long-term (at least from a psychological level) impact on the character. Even if not referenced by name, I think Starfire could benefit from meeting Parker in more ways than one.

Green Lantern Spider-ManGreen Lantern / Spider-Man: Of Webs and Rings

Spider-Man is a character that has resonated with fans for decades, with no signs of slowing down. Likewise can be said to the many characters who've held the title of Green Lantern, who also has become a fan-favorite. Although Spider-Man could have an interesting adventure with the likes of John Stewart, or, let's say, Hal Jordan, perhaps a more unique scenario could be found teaming him with the likes of the latest Earth-Born Green Lantern, Simon Baz. (Not that I don’t like her, but I don’t consider Jessica Cruz a “Green Lantern”).

Simon is considered a miracle worker, having performed feats with his ring others haven’t been able to replicate. Still, compared to many of the other ring-slingers, Simon is pretty inexperienced. And while greatness is likely in his future, both as a comic book character and hero of the DC Universe, it will still take a lot to get fans to take to him the way they have his older counterparts.

So, the chance to cross paths with Marvel’s favorite Spider would be a great step for a character with lots of untapped potential. And given the opportunity could make for a story that would really get fans behind Simon, while at the same time getting to see Spidey in more of a mentor role, which many haven’t gotten the chance to see. Plus, who could pass up a chance to possibly see Spider-Man get his hands on a Lantern ring? If that’s not enough of a reason to make this a thing, I don’t know what is.

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From my point of view the greatest thing about talking crossovers is that there are tons of possibilities to explore, and not just with DC Comics. I’ve no doubt Dark Horse, Boom Studios, Image, and Action Lab would leap at the chance to work with Spider-Man, and bring us crossovers like Spider-Man vs. Predator, Spider Man and The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Spider-Man / X-O Manowar, and everything in between! Those are just some of the ideas that I had. Now, I want to know what crossovers you’d like to see Spider-Man in. Sound off below!

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