Deadline Comics Now what do you get if you mix together the Swedish pop group, ABBA, with a comic book publishing house that's pure eighties? Answer, you get Deadline Comics: A comic book publishing house that's so good, even the legendary artist, Neal Adams, is part of the team. Here, check out this interview I did with my mate Mikael for more information.

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1) What are your own origins, Mikael? Plus what is your role in ‘Deadline Comics’?   Basically I  run Deadline Comics. Before that, I did "Agent Marc Saunders", which was the biggest book in Sweden, which answered the question, what if the God Of War was a teen, and what if he worked for the US marines? Essentially, he was a young Superman who kills. That was primarily 108 pages of story in color, quarterly.

Class Action With Neal Adams2) What inspired you to form ‘Deadline Comics’?   I sold "Agent Marc Saunders" to Serieplaneten, a Swedish publisher, and had to use the money for something.

3) Can you give us a brief run down on some of your titles?   I started doing comics six years ago, and it all began with "Agent Marc Saunders". I just landed on my feet, running. I created, wrote, pencilled, and inked that comic book. The second ever book in my life, is this collaboration with Neal Adams, 'Class Action'.

So, I have moved in a straight line so far.

4) What song would you say best represents your style of comics and why?  The soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop 2, 'Shakedown', as its pretty much how I approach comics.

5) If you could get a celebrity – either living or dead – to promote your wares, who would you choose, and why would you want to choose this particular person?   I think Jack Kirby is the only choice. Its comics, so you want God to approve of what you do.

Deadline Comics
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6) What have you learnt about yourself through this endeavour?   Mostly that I'm an idiot who loves comics. I'm not sure if there is a connection though.

7) Without sounding too much like a fan-boy, Mikael, what is it like working alongside the legendary Neal Adams?   Neal once told me that he would kill me unless I learned to use photographic references. So, scared to death is probably the appropriate answer to that question.

8) If ‘Deadline’ had a motto, what would it be?   "The world is not enough".

Ha! And so on that Scarface reference, dear reader, I'd like to thank my mate Mikael Bergkvist for telling us about Deadline Comics, before directing you towards their website, facebook, and twitter pages.