Some of these so-called TV Flash fans think they know more about the character than you or I. But come on, we all know where it all started and continued from! It was the same medium that started it all, and continues with Robert Venditti, Van Jensen, and Brett Booth among others at the helm. It's October. It's 2015. It's almost Halloween. And this is DC Comics, baby!

TO QUOTE Rick Ross’s song ‘Push It’: “I paid dues, my moves done made news…”

Barry Allen, also known as The Flash, is the Fastest Man Alive (give or take a man or two), and has held the love and admiration of many a Central City citizen, particularly for his role in helping to save the city (and the world at large) on more than one occasion. So, as they say, “if you ain’t got haters, then something is wrong”.

Enter Professor Zoom, arguably the greatest hater in comics, and the man convinced that The Flash is evil. So with his own crew of “heroes” by his side, he looks to bring The Flash down mentally, physically, and morally.

When we last left Barry he was going through one of my own, personal fears: the threat of drowning. And here’s where one of the strengths of The Flash comes in. I’m talking about the writing, and how the text matches and bounces off so well with the art. Though as a quick aside, let me just say that I know there were some skeptics about the new costume. We’ve had it a couple of months, and I think I’m starting to like it better than the classic costume. Blasphemy, I know. But what can I say other than it needs a few minor tweeks?

Back on topic though, maybe it’s because I partially already fear and think about these things, but Prof. Zoom’s description of what Barry would go through, in nearly drowning, was worth making me glad I wasn’t anywhere near a body of water reading this. This brings up the flaw that struck me hardest in this issue of The Flash... Prof. Zoom stealing the spotlight.

For the title, Flash was more a “central non-player” in the majority of this book, which seemed to do more in the way of setting up and establishing other characters and their lives as opposed to Barry’s. Wally’s continued interest in speed, Prof. Zoom and his students, Henry Allen, even Pied Piper and Director Singh seemed more of a focus in this story than Barry. In itself, that’s not so much a bad thing, but when you have a character that people enjoy like Barry, and they latch onto, in his own book it doesn’t really work to have him play support until the 11th hour.

However, for what it’s worth, the last six pages of this story are the type of stuff you expect when you read a superhero comic. The Acolytes of Prof. Zoom get to go, as The Rock would say, “Two-on-one, with the Great One”. Block and the oddly-named Roscoe are back in action, as we get another taste of just what gifts The Speed Force can bestow. I can already see Block, should she survive this arc, being a favorite among “Who would win boards” across the Internet as she manages to put the hurt on The Flash in the imaginative and scientific way that make characters in The Flash so fun and fresh to read about.

One interesting thing that gets pointed out is that Barry has a typical go-to... “Gotta go fast!”. More than likely, if Barry finds himself in a jam, the solution comes down to moving something a little bit faster, whether that be his mind, his feet, his arms, his hands, etc. I suppose when you’re fighting an enemy like Prof. Zoom though, predictable is not what you want to be. As Prof. Zoom states, “His failure lies in thinking too simply, always believing that any problem can be overcome if he moves just a little faster”. There’s a reason he’s called Professor Zoom, people.

Funny thing is, even Barry’s own future-self admitted that! As of now, Barry isn’t even that good a fighter, having decided to actually learn how to fight from martial artists such as Slade Wilson and Bruce Wayne. Perhaps this is a little foreshadowing to a more hand-to-hand capable Flash? A super-speed martial-artist could make for some entertaining reading. (Speed Force-Fu, anyone?)

With that said, Zoom and his team have put The Flash in a spot he’s not really been in before and it looks like it’s about to bite him back in a big way. To avoid any spoilers or boringness setting in we’ll call it a close for now, but I’m curious to hear your thoughts on Barry’s use of his powers? Does Barry use them to the fullest extent humanly possible, or is there something missing from his repertoire? Sound off in the comments below what ya think!

Stay Killer Frosty, all!

It’s a line I quoted in the comic, because it stood out to me. At his base, Barry wants and thinks things can be solved by going “just a little faster”. Just a little faster, right? It’s interesting to think that, maybe we’d all have lives that would be easier if that were the case. If all we needed to do was move “just a little faster”. I couldn’t help but think of the song, entitled 'A Little Faster' by There for Tomorrow.

Barry Allen is the Flash, but unbeknownst to him, he’s being pretty much ripped apart for his lack of knowledge on his powers by more than a couple of individuals. Coincidentally, one of my professors essentially ripped me (and my entire class) a new one, on an exam we collectively and individually bombed. Which is why I’m comparing the overall issue of this issue to that of a Failed Exam. Difference here is, I get a chance to improve my overall score on the test. Barry…well, his Professor is out to kill him and tear him down to the people. Guess I’m fortunate I don’t have a class with Prof. Zoom.

So, it’s been talked about plenty both in this review and in the actual issue. Now, it’s time for a little fun. Since Barry likes to move pretty fast, how do you think he’s gone about solving his problems this time, with one of the choices below? Think of this as your exam, since Flash is kind of having one, and I’ve had one, it only seems right to spread the wealth. So, without further delay, pick up your pencils and answer the following question!

Did Flash:
  1. Spin/kick his legs so hard, that they created a vortex to help him escape danger?
  2. Use his ability to phase through matter, while possibly drinking a cup of coffee?
  3. Make use of his speed to run directly up a vertical surface while taking Velocity 9?
  4. Speed up his mind to potentially think of any and every way his enemies could beat him and counter it?
  5. 4 and 5
  6. 2 and 3
  7. None of the Above
Be sure to show your work!

*** This article was brought to you by Tyson V. Jones: Don't wake me up just yet, I'm not done working.

FLASH #44 FLASH #44 Reviewed by David Andrews on October 13, 2015 Rating: 5
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