Jenna Say What HalloweenHalloween has always been my favorite time of the year. Yet this year is going to be my first year as a cosplayer, and I wasn't quite sure how it was going to turn out. Was it going to be boring since I'm always dressed-up now? Would I look down at those other non-cosplayers who surround me? Or worse still, would I stop liking Halloween, altogether?

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Honestly, none of those fears actually mattered. Although, seeing girls prance around in over priced costumes does make me feel sad, as I just want to slap the package out of their hands and guide them to the world of cosplay.

'Hi, I'm Jenna Say What, and I'll be your guide to the magical land of cosplay!'.

Jenna Say What Scarecrow
Nope. Wouldn't work. I would most probably get yelled at or hit. That said, however, seeing non-cosplay friends come up with their own costumes, whether it be piecing things together, or making it from hand, makes my heart sing like a bird! I've even had friends message me, asking how to make something for them to wear. It really makes me happy to help them! Hands down!

Going to the Halloween stores has also been an amazing experience. Sure, it's a bit more pricey now, but I keep forgetting to buy things like gloves online. The other day I went to the Halloween store to buy some fake blood and saw gloves! Oh yeah, I need those! Emma Frost isn't complete without gloves (and I needed them soon)! Plus I've been getting ideas left, right, and center, for next years cosplays.

I've noticed that in the run up to Halloween a lot of vloggers have been posting how-to's online, and I've been bookmarking and learning new things from them. I feel like I'm gearing up for a final exam, yet I'm actually enjoying the studying. I feel like this is the best time to start getting your feet wet if you wanted to start cosplaying. There are so many resources that are available this month that it's just silly not to watch the videos, follow those step by steps, and make something amazing!

This article was brought to you care of the one, the only, cosplaying queen herself, Jenna Say What!?!? Please stay tuned for what she has in store for us next month, right here, on Jenna Say Blog.

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