Sexy Marlon Brando Back in Hollywood's heyday, when men were men and women were women, most of the homosexuals who lived in that era had to hide away their own natural inclinations. Not because they wanted to, but because they had no other choice. Someone attracted to the same sex was deemed illegal, perverse, and it was never encouraged by Hollywood or those attached to the industry. But thankfully, nowadays all that has changed, and we mustn't forget those brave people who lived through those darker times. People such as...

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James Whale

If you look at the story of Frankenstein from the monsters point of view, I'm sure you'll notice that it's about a person who doesn't feel comfortable in his own skin, which is made even worse by other people who judge his appearance and behavior. Sound familiar? James Whale thought so too. And that was one of the reasons he directed this movie back in the 1930's. You see, he himself was a homosexual male, and could sympathize with the monsters situation.

Rock Hudson

When Phyllis Gates married Rock Hudson in 1955, you might have thought that from then on in she'd leave her secretarial days behind her. But no. Not really. After three years of marriage she decided to divorce him because he allegedly had an affair with a married man whilst making a film in Italy called, 'A Farewell To Arms'. However, years later, after she was awarded $250 a week for 10 years in alimony, and Rock tragically died of aids, it was revealed that Phyllis was a woman who liked other women, hint-hint, and that the only real reason they both got married, was so they could hide their own sexual preferences.

Montgomery Clift

Montgomery Clift, or Monty to his friends, is the type of actor who's always being compared to the likes of Marlon Brando or James Dean. But unlike Marlon and Dean (or quite possibly not, more on that point later), he was a gay man, and he hated himself for it. In fact, he began to hate himself so much, that after a car crash which left his face partly scarred, he then started to drink himself to death over a period of years. 

James Dean

Even though it's a point of contention to say if James Dean is actually a gay or bi-sexual person, what we can say for sure is that he spent a lot of time hanging round a homosexual man named Rogers Brackett, who both financed and supported Dean during his early years in the industry.

Sal Mineo

Just like his 'Rebel Without a Cause' co-star, Jimmy Dean, Sal Mineo was also regarded as being a Hollywood superstar that had it all. He had the looks. He had the swagger. And he even had a pretty decent acting and singing career beside him. That said, the one thing he didn't have, was a bullet proof vest when he was gunned down one dark an humid night by some nutter. Allegedly it was over drugs, and nothing to do with his sexual orientation.

Anthony Perkins

Yes. That's right. Norman Bates is a gay man. I mean, isn't it obvious? He's middle aged and lives with his mother. Ha! Only joking! In real life, it was fairly common knowledge that Anthony Perkins was a very serious an mysterious actor. As a matter of fact he was so serious and mysterious, his sexual preference was only revealed by his wife after his death to aids, whom announced it to the chagrin of both of his children, Osgood and Elvis.

Raymond Burr

Are you as surprised as I am to find out that both Perry Mason and Ironside are gay? No. Don't worry. They're not having an affair with each other. For a start, Perry doesn't like the look of Ironsides wheelchair, whereas Ironside doesn't like the sound of Perry's voice in a courtroom. But thankfully, Raymond is at hand to sort these two out. What a guy, eh? What an amazing guy!

Burt Lancaster

Although he was married three times, had five children, and is said to have had many affairs with many-many women, at the end of the day Burt Lancaster's sexuality is still shrouded in mystery. Should we care though? And does it matter if he's gay or not? Not in my eyes it don't. All that really matters is that he was a good actor and he did his job well. Just like the rest of the great men and women on or off this list. Amen. 

Yes. That's right. I could go on and tell you about many other great legendary Hollywood icons who've been called gay, lesbian, or whatever. People like Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Marlene Dietrich, Tab Hunter, Claudette Colbert, Marlon Brando, Ramon Novarro, Greta Garbo, Graham Chapman, and many-many more. But why? What would it prove? A man is a man and a woman is a woman, no matter their sexual leanings. Just as long as they're happy and they make other people happy, that's all that matters. Nothing else.

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