Driving In The BatmobileSuperheroes: everyone’s got one these days. You might find yours on the big screen, on the small screen, or even in between the pages of a comic book. Heck, these days, you can’t walk down the street without tripping over a hero or three! Especially Batman. But whether you're a comic book traditionalist or a fan of the recent big screen reboots, you probably have a couple of real life heroes too.

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UK based RED Driving School are a big fan of superheroes, and have spent their summer promoting their favorite fictional Fantastic Four on their return to the big screen. All this talk of super powers certainly got them pondering about who their real life superheroes were, and what powers an ‘everyday superhero’ might have. Inspired by all the qualities they find most heroic when it comes to their personal heroes, they started researching into workers who have a craving to be their own boss, to keep our streets safe and avoid accidents, while also passing on their skills to the next generation... and they didn’t have to look far.

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After a long, hard look around the working world, RED have come to the conclusion that their own driving instructors are the unsung superheroes of this world. Why, you ask? Well, they’ve got a special power (honed over time with continuous training), and share their wisdom with their students. They also change people's lives for the better, with their mission to end improper merging, prevent hesitant braking, and slow down speed demons everywhere. When they're working to the best of their ability, they help to make roads all over the UK safer for everyone, whether behind the wheel or on the pavement.

On their journey through the world of work, RED also came to the conclusion that the self-employed enjoy the most super lives in the UK, with 67% of those who've taken the plunge and gone into business for themselves reporting a positive impact on their mental and physical well-being, and 72% finding it positively impacts their sidekicks at home too. The statistics make it clear -- if you're stuck in a less than wonderful life rut, there’s definite all round benefits to dusting down your secret identity and saving yourself from the daily grind.

Teaming up with freelance illustrator, Jack Hagley, RED have created their own infographic (in true comic book style, of course) to get these statistics across to as many people as possible, and to get superheroes (real, fictional, or somewhere deep inside) firmly back on the career map. Hopefully it will inspire comic book experts (and movie reviewers, hint-hint!) everywhere to crack a smile today. Plus if you’re interested in driving jobs, illustration, or simply leaving the day job behind, perhaps you'll be inspired to re-create yourself as your own superhero.

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You can find out more about driving jobs and freelance work at RED’s Careers Hub or give us a bell on: 0800 688 8811

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