Avengers Movie Hello, true believer! I want to ask you one simple question. Do you love the Marvel gang? If you like comic books, or have ever liked them in your life, then you already know about the Marvel group of characters, that has to definitely be for sure.

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Yes, that's correct, we're talking about those popular characters, such as The Hulk, Captain America, Wolverine, Captain Marvel, Thor, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Daredevil, Iron Man, and of course, everyone’s favorite character: Spider-Man.

These guys are the best, and they are loved for a reason. Each one of these particular characters has something special that they bring to the comic book world.

With more and more media coming out about comic books in general, there is no doubt of course that many of the movies and TV shows that you are seeing for comic books are revolving around the Marvel gang.

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The “nerd” factor of loving comics and Marvel characters, Ka-Pow!

Comic book nerds are no longer seen as silly and lame. In fact, those who are so called geeks about comic book characters (like those from Marvel) are actually turning into the cool kids! If you are into comic books and things like graphic novels, then you're in with the “In crowd.”

This is great news for a lot of the people who love the geek culture of comic books. The Marvel characters are becoming more and more well-known, and this is becoming true even for the characters that were not so well-known before, such as Luke Cage, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, and even Thor.

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Be on the look out for more Marvel movies 

One other thing to keep in mind is that they are always making more Marvel movies with your favorite comic book heroes and villains. So keep on top of the newest movies and films out there! You might just be able to see your favorite Marvel character come to life!

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