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Warrior Nun The MovieLast month it was revealed that Ben Dunn's cult manga series, WARRIOR NUN AREALA, is being adapted as a live action feature film entitled, THIRD ORDER, produced by Dean English, of Perfect Circle Productions, and Robert Burke, of Ten One Entertainment. The screenplay adaption is written by Iiro Kuttner (SAUNA, JADE WARRIOR), and Melissa Rundle.

Earlier in the year, Producer, Dean English, optioned the film, television, interactive and merchandising rights from Dunn to the extensive character universe of the Warrior Nun series.

Warrior Nun - The Third Order ArtworkThe film’s title, THIRD ORDER, refers to a covert military order of Warrior Nuns, formed in the 9th Century, working within the shadows of the Vatican to protect a sacred and powerful Halo left on earth by a fallen Saint.

The first of a trilogy, the THIRD ORDER follows a feisty 21-year-old female paraplegic whose body is miraculously resurrected when the Halo is abruptly forced into her life. The Third Order believes her to be a prophecy and trains her to be the next leader of the Warrior Nuns, but with her newborn freedom, she has other plans…

Dunn, who founded Antarctic Press in 1985, was instrumental in popularizing the Manga comics in America, has stated, “I am really excited to see that the world of the Warrior Nun series, including Sister Shannon Masters, Shotgun Mary, Sister Crimson, and Father Gomez, will be brought to the big screen in a gritty and grounded live action film”. Added Dunn, “The Pope and nuns around the world will be proud”.  

English said, “Fans of Dunn and the Warrior Nun series will be pleased that we are faithful to Ben’s vision, the film will have an abundance of action and dark humor however the characters will be grounded in our world, not relying heavily on CGI, instead brutal hand to hand combat, intriguing catholic mythology, and strong female characters that have a deep faith in their religion and to protect humanity from the forces of evil”. 

Warrior Nun - The Third Order - Dean English
Burke said, “Ben’s created a rich, entertaining universe of vibrant characters that will translate to multiple media platforms such as film, television, gaming, online series, as well as merchandising”.  Added Burke, “The protectors of the Halo span many centuries which allows us to explore specific Warrior Nun characters throughout time that protected mankind when dark forces pushed civilizations to the brink of annihilation. Like Ben’s series, we also plan to crossover into other smaller cult manga and graphic novel properties to create additional live action series for all platforms pending the scale of the project”.

Warrior Nun - The Third Order - Concept ArtMEET THE TEAM OF AWARD WINNING DESIGNERS
For you comic book fans out there who've followed such projects as Robotech, Heaven Sent, Ninja High School, Marvel Mangaverse, and Voltron, you might like to know that Ben Dunn has become heavily involved in the initial production design of the project. Along with Ben on storyboards there's also Henry Fong, who has worked on everything from X-Men to Spiderman to Pacific Rim, plus Brendan Heffernan, who did concept design for the Hobbit trilogy.

Collectively all of this is making Warrior Nun into a pretty special project. Having made a few films over the years, it seems that Dean English will be in a non-stop battle to complete this roller coaster ride, hoping to find the right kind of momentum to start it rolling.  

Dean English is the founder of Vancouver based film company, Perfect Circle Productions. As a producer and executive producer, English’s feature length credits include: ‘The Timekeeper’, ‘Kissed’, ‘Lilith On Top’, ‘Flower and Garnet’, ‘Looking For Leonard’, and ‘Falling Angels’. In addition, he produced Canada’s first stop-motion animated feature, ‘Edison & Leo’, and executive produced the Spanish-language animated feature, ‘Short Fat Bald Man’.

Areala Warrior Nun Comic BookCollectively these films have been programmed in the world’s most prominent film festivals, including Toronto, Berlin, Sundance and Cannes, and have been in partnership with distributors and sales agents such as Samuel Goldwyn, MGM, Lakeshore Entertainment, EOne Entertainment, Wild Bunch, Polygram, Mongrel Media, and Warner Brothers (Music).

English’s background in entertainment started in the music industry as a road manager, overseeing the North American tours of bands such as ’24 Gone’ and ‘Brilliant Orange’. This segued into producing numerous music videos, concert films for bands like ‘Skinny Puppy’, YTV’s half-hour television program, ‘Street Noise’, and the Long Form Video for the theatrical group, ‘Gwar’, which earned English a prestigious Grammy nomination.

Now introduced to the independent film scene in Vancouver, he line-produced several feature films for Oscar nominated producer, Bill Vince, before teaming with director Lynne Stopkewich to produce his first feature, ‘Kissed’. The film premiered at the Toronto film festival and sparked a bidding war amongst distributors before going on to have its international debut at the Cannes festival.

Having studied English at the University of British Columbia, English is currently residing in Paris and is actively pursuing both television and feature co-productions between Canada and Europe.

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