Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter Hi Comic Book fans! Its Kevin Given here. Remember me? As I'm that fine looking man who was interviewed on this site quite some time ago. Anyway, I just want everyone to know that production has now begun on the movie adaptation of "Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter". The comic books are also available on Indyplanet and the novel is available on Amazon, both are on Kindle. Issue 1 is free, as well as issue 1 of "Files of Karl Vincent".

Kevin R Given On Amazon

On the 14th of November, 2015, we shot a scene where Karl first meets President Lyndon Johnson. It was shot at the Boondock bar in Lakeland, Florida. Actor David Raizer played Johnson and Luis Antonio Howard was the ghost of Sebastian Vasilis.

Karl Vincent: Vampire Hunter
The film is being produced by Crisp Film Works, and so far the whole production is going great, with the aforementioned scene only wrapped up in two days. I am personally very excited that I'll get to play my own character of "Karl Vincent" soon. So stay tuned for more information, you hear? And you can do so by clicking on over to my facebook, website, or twitter pages.

Karl Vincent: Vampire HunterCast List:
Kevin Given: Karl Vincent
Luis Antonio Howard: Sebastian Vasilis
David Raizer: President Lyndon Johnson
Bob Glazier: Bartender
Julie Boesche: Drunk Stripper
Sylvia Manning: Jealous flirt

Production Staff:
Director: Jeffrey Crisp
Director of Photography: Daniel Trout
Camera: Zane Kuhle
Sound: Dan Arias
SFX: Curt Bowman

To pick up Karl Vincent #1 via IndyPlanet please click on the link provided, and to pick up Files Of Karl Vincent #1 do the same thing.