Flash and Supergirl In this weeks four episodes of DC All Access, we, the fans, the glorious comic book fans, get the answers to the following four questions. One: Who's trickier out of The Flash or the Reverse Flash? Two: Who is Supergirl? Three: How long does it take Neil Gaiman to comb his own hair? And Four: Will Danielle Panabaker need a thermal vest for this weeks Zoom focused episode of the Flash? Don't believe me? Then check this out...

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Neil Gaiman in Conversation with Junot Díaz

New York Times best-selling writer, Neil Gaiman, returns to The Sandman with a prequel story to his trailblazing Vertigo series in, 'The Sandman: Overture Deluxe Edition', out on the 10th of November. Rendered in artist JH Williams III’s lush panoramas, The Sandman: Overture takes readers from the birth of the galaxy to Morpheus’s capture, before the events of The Sandman #1, and sheds new light on one of the towering masterpieces in comic book history.

Zoom Gives Barry a Beatdown + The Atom is Alive! Rotten Tomatoes' Matt Atchity joins Jason 

In this clip, Inman discusses why Jim Gordon is having some problems with his ex, how The Flash sets up a trap for Zoom, why Ray Palmer is looking pretty good for a dead guy (even if he's a little on the short side), where as Liv and Major, on the other hand, are about to explore the sexy side of zombieism (yes, you read that right!).

Who Is Supergirl?

You know all about Superman, but what do you know about Supergirl, the Man of Steel's younger and often wilder cousin? In this #DCTV clip, Tiffany Smith discusses the comic book history of this important character, from her creation and origin all the way to her most recent incarnation on CBS's new live action series starring Melissa Benoist.

Danielle Panabaker Teases Zoom’s New Powers + NEW Killer Frost Statue!

It looks like there's a sign of Snow in today's all new DC All Access -- as in Caitlin Snow! Yes, The Flash's Danielle Panabaker drops by to discuss her role of Caitlin on the hit series, letting us know what we can expect from tonight's Zoom-focused episode and when she might be suiting up as Killer Frost.