Shhh!!! Be quiet. Be very-very quiet because I'm hunting Lanterns. That's Green Lanterns of course. Like the one seen in the following comic book devised in November, 2015, by both Robert Venditti and Billy Tan. Just don't tell DC Comic's what I'm doing, OK? Or they'll be angry. As angry as the Black-Hand and Relic combined.

TO QUOTE Henry Paulson: 'I have always tried to live by the philosophy that when there is a big problem that needs fixing, you should run towards it, rather than away from it'.

Now if you're the type of person who enjoys a simple set of characters, interacting with an even simpler story-line, then please, stand back, take a deep breath, and thank Kirby for this forty-sixth issue of Green Lantern.

Well, as we all know, several issues ago Black Hand had somehow accidentally siphoned off a handful of deadly power from the source wall (pun intended), and as of last month, has been captured by our pal, Hal (No. He didn't kill him. As implied on the last page). So, at the start of this episode, ta-dah, Hal takes him to go and see Relic, hoping that he'll be able to sort this mess out, once and for all.

And does he? Does Relic, Hal's very huge villain that speaks a lot, manage to help Hal cure his other villain, who speaks less, but is more irritating? Taking note that Black Hand is inert one minute, active the next, and ready to kick ass and take names!

What do you think? We're all still alive, aren't we? Relatively speaking. So something must have turned out for the best! Despite the tried and tested talking (yawn),  despite the obligatory escape scene (Zzzz),  and despite the last minute save (Huh?), at the end of the day, and book, everything went back to normal, ish, kind of, except for a few minor spoilers that I don't want to give away.

But fear not, dear reader, what I am more than willing to tell you is what I thought about Billy Tan's much improved artwork! Yeah! Straight up. As of this issue I've noticed that his art has become more defined, more bold, more cleaner, and much more pleasurable to see. It's as though someone at DC has told him to change his style slightly, presumably because of some of the negative feedback he's received from the fans.  

Something else worth mentioning about this comic would have to be how I did enjoy the personal interaction between Trapper and Virgo at the start of it, even though I did feel that their involvement with it's conclusion was a bit tacked on at the end. Also, I must say that I did get a right kick out of Hal having a nice leisurely chat with Relic. Honestly, because of the leisurely way these sections presented themselves, it didn't bother me that much that at one point in time, these two were trying to kill each other -- the same can also be said about Black Hand too: the bi-polar nut.  

Relic the builder! Can, he, fix, it? Relic the builder! Yes, he, can. Even if I match him up with this comic book, I'm sure our pal Relic, will never be mistook for a grappling hook. Hint-Hint!

Well, the story was about a wall, wasn't it? A source wall! See the following section for more details.

Now taking note of my music section, and I'm sure you'll admit, that on a certain level this comic is about one person going to another person so he can help out his 'friend' with a problem he's having. And so, when I put it in those conceptual terms, I have to compare this adventure to some sort of repair shop. Somewhere where people go to, to fix things that don't work.

At the very end of this issue it's insinuated that Hal will be visiting a certain location next month. So, wait for it, wait for it, let's see if you can guess where that location is out of the following eight options? Because could he be going to...
  1. A Hairdressers: For fairly obvious reasons. 
  2. Iran: So he can run.
  3. Coast City: As home is where the heart is.
  4. Space: That bit in between his ears.
  5. Walmart: To buy a shotgun.
  6. The Planet of The Apes: Now this I'd like to see.
  7. A Taylor Swift Concert: See previous answer and reverse it.
  8. Lobo's Lap: No comment.
Nuff said.

GREEN LANTERN #46 GREEN LANTERN #46 Reviewed by David Andrews on November 23, 2015 Rating: 5
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