HEROES REBORN: Enigma Now available to download onto your mobile and tablet devices is the 'HEROES REBORN: Enigma' game, which is the first of two HEROES REBORN games that will immerse fans into the brand new HEROES universe. Serving as a prequel for the HEROES REBORN event series, HEROES REBORN: Enigma is a first person action puzzle game that has Dahlia, a young woman with incredible powers, learn how to control her gifts, survive, and solve complex puzzles to escape The Quarry. The character Dahlia will also make an appearance in the NBC event series.

From the mind of Tim Kring, the creator of the HEROES universe, HEROES REBORN: Enigma has over 30 levels and a host of special abilities for players to master, such as telekinesis and time shifting, challenging them to unravel the mysteries in the facility. Featuring stunning visuals from Unreal Engine 4, the game is produced by multi-platform studio Imperative Entertainment and developed by Phosphor Games.

In the HEROES REBORN: Enigma game, written by several of the television series writers under Tim Kring’s direction, and published by Imperative Entertainment, players will use Dahlia’s teleportation powers to manipulate the plane and traverse through the complex designs of The Quarry, while also using her powers to shift time.

When I created HEROES, I always envisioned it as an expansive universe with characters and stories that would extend far beyond the reaches of just a TV show”, said Tim Kring, creator of the HEROES universe and Imperative Entertainment partner. “HEROES REBORN: Enigma dives deeper into the world with a groundbreaking form of storytelling and gameplay, unlike anything released before on mobile and tablet”.

While the game extends the story-line from the event series and unfolds an entirely new plot to enhance viewers' experiences, the game is also designed as a self-contained experience for those who have not seen the series.

HEROES REBORN: Enigma is the first game to be released from the HEROES REBORN universe. An entirely different HEROES REBORN game for console and PC, HEROES REBORN: Gemini, which focuses on Dahlia's sister, Cassandra, will be available this winter from Imperative Entertainment and Phosphor Games.

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